Paint it and use it as a centerpiece

A globe’s sphere is perfect decor. Paint it and add an inspirational quote, then display on a wood slice. Get tutorial here

Or decal it and place it on your bookshelf

Trace a saying onto your globe and fill with paint pen. A great vintage piece for your books! Get tutorial here

Carve out the core & turn it into a vase

Paint the globe and the make a hole through the center with a drill then fill with flowers. Get tutorial here

Cover it in concrete as a garden fountain

Pour concrete in a globe and use it as a mold for a gorgeous orb garden fountain. Get tutorial here

Split it open and turn it into a luminary

Use a dremmel to cut the globe open and drill the hole for the wiring. What a cool light fixture! Get tutorial here

Or carefully separate the two halves

Recreate this special overhead light with some spray paint and new wiring. Get tutorial here

Customize it into a wedding centerpiece

Trace “Love” onto contact paper, cut and paint onto your globe. So sweet and gorgeous! Get tutorial here

Cut it and hang it on your wall as a clock

Use a repurposed clock and glue it inside the halved globe. Cut a hole in the center for the hands. Cool! Get tutorial here

Turn it into a dark piece for your desk

Paint it in shades of black and gray to compliment your mature decor. Get tutorial here

Decorate it with moss as a leafy centerpiece

Paint a foam globe and add moss and butterflies to create a dreamy look for your console table. Get tutorial here

Make it from an old light fixture

Instead of revamping one, grab a round light fixture and Mod Podge a printout of the world onto it. Get tutorial here