12 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Oven is Always Spotless

Oven grime gone for good!

By Hometalk Highlights

Spread baking soda on the door

Keep your oven door clean with a baking soda & vinegar paste. Sweep up the residue and voila!

Put your grates in a Ziploc full of ammonia

Seal them in a bag with one cup of ammonia and let them sit for 24 hrs. Say bye-bye to grit.

Keep the stove top clean with an eraser pad

Don’t let the grime build up on your stove top, attack those pesky spots with an eraser and soap.

Soak your oven racks to remove grease

Place them in a tub with fabric softener and let them soak, then scrub lightly with dry sheets. Amazing!

Tackle oven burn stains with orange peels

Grab a bottle of vinegar and orange peel, let it soak, and spray it in your oven. No more scary dark marks.

Clean between the glass door

That little space between the door frame the glass? Remove and spray with some cleaner to make it gleam.

Or unscrew the grates to get to it

Food dripping and staining the glass is so common. Don’t be afraid to open that space and scrub!

Freshen up the germy vents with a cool trick

Clean the vents behind the oven door handle by wrapping wipes around a butter knife. Genius!

Get rid of grease on your range hood

Grab some super clean and and a wet towel to easily remove the grease from your range hood.

Use baking soda in your self cleaning routine

A self cleaning oven can use extra help. Use baking soda on the door and wipe then set to clean for 3 hrs.

Combine the three products into one

Get an all purpose oven cleaner with Dawn, Baking Soda and Vinegar to give your oven an all over clean.