10 Clever Ways to Heat up Your Home on a Budget

These overlooked ideas are guaranteed to help heat your home for less.

By Hometalk Highlights

Build a desk size personal space heater

Grab a coaster, tea light, apple slicer, & terra cotta pots. Light the candle on the coaster and cover.

Add extra window insulation

Adhere a window insulation sheet yourself with scissor, a hairdryer and a tape measure. So easy!

Stitch a draft stopper to keep out wind

Sew it with heavy fabric like denim and yarn and fill with fiber material. Great idea!

Make a mini indoor fire bowl

Pour crushed mirror glass into a bowl, add a sterno can and a lighter. Cozy.

Or an outdoor fire tin for your porch

Put a can in the center of a cookie tin, surround with river rocks, fill the can with hand sanitizer and light!

Seal your electric outlets

Place the seal around the outlet to keep out drafts. A proven way to reduce the heating bills.

Turn your ceiling fan to the right setting

The clockwise rotation on a ceiling fan allows warm air to be pushed out to the room, saving energy.

Cover a drafty fireplace with a pretty insert

Fireplace out of commission? Create a log sliced insert to cover the draft & warm up your room.

Add a screen to your door

Repurpose a window into a plywood frame. It adds a layer of insulation & is good for summer.