What can I do with my Big and beautiful porch??

I have this enormous wrap around porch but I don't know where to start to give it that curb appeal to wow every eye...ideas welcomed plzzzz
q big and beautiful but no clue what to do
q big and beautiful but no clue what to do
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 02, 2017
    The area that is not planted I would put in colorful perennials and annuals based on your planting zone.Place an object as a focal point(Fountain,Bench,Gazing Ball).If possible attach planter boxes to the railings around and also plant with seasonal interests.I would suggest doing one area at a time as it will get overwhelming .I have over an acre of property to maintain and from experience that is the only way to get the job done.
  • Kristi Kristi on Feb 02, 2017
    I love the planter idea and perennials are a must come spring. When I first met my bf this house was a total Batchelor pad but it is verrrry slowwwly coming together. Thank you for ur advice and ideas...they will be very helpful
  • William William on Feb 02, 2017
    Plant some upright evergreens in front of the three posts. Perennials are great and low maintenance, but annuals for some color are a must. A focal point just to the right of the main entrance. Create a raised bed border with similar stones as the porch. Have the tree trimmed professionally and place a colorful bench under it. ***** https://www.google.com/search?q=upright+evergreen+bushes&biw=1016&bih=642&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiUheqc_fHRAhXDMSYKHTEWDeQQsAQIiwE
  • Julie M. Julie M. on Feb 02, 2017
    Just fabulous!!! I would like to see that front walk bordered on each side with seasonal flowers or a compact hedge too
  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 02, 2017
    Beautiful porch!!! i'm envious!! I'd love a gorgoues porch to decorate. Here are some great Hometalkers' ideas to get you started: http://www.hometalk.com/search/posts?filter=porches%20makeover
  • Teresa Teresa on Feb 02, 2017
    It's not a porch it's a Victorian Veranda!! You are so lucky Color, plants, seating You have the best place to put hanging baskets in each of the openings of the railing to add a splash of color and seating to take advantage of looking at all the neighbors. I would add 2 large planters by the stairs on the ground or on the top of the stone to make them more grand to set the so grand arch you have at the door. And add some planters on the top deck too to show it off what a lucky house owner. Good luck with making this one shine. Teresa
  • DORLIS DORLIS on Feb 02, 2017
    At the most I would put in some low growing flowers. The architecture of this porch is so beautiful, I would not do anything to hide it.
  • Inetia Inetia on Feb 03, 2017
    A sandy beach with grasses and palm or banana trees.
  • C C on Feb 03, 2017
    Add some color and turn that beautiful house into a painted lady. Painted ladies traditionally have 5 colors. Add some hanging plants on your porch and some more on plant stands on each side of the base of the steps. You have a great house & yard and just need to add some more color.
  • Kristi Kristi on Feb 03, 2017
    Thank you for all your replies so far. I have a lot more options now and I can't wait to get started on this project.
  • Kristi Kristi on Feb 03, 2017
    Any suggestions on the front door? Paint? Sand n refinish? I'm open to ideas. I really want it to stand out especially after I put in so much work around theach front lol
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    • Kristi Kristi on Feb 08, 2017
      I think it was built in 1908
  • Melissa V Melissa V on Feb 03, 2017
    Hey Kristi!
    Beautiful house-I bet you wish it looked that green right now😁!
    Let's see, the tree out front needs to be trimmed up so you can see the porch. There is a shrub next to the porch that can be moved. The hostas on the right of the steps can be divided and moved to the side planter area, probably as well as whatever is to the left of the steps. Then see what else you've got around to transplant- in the back, too (that's what I've been doing-want some day lilies? Anybody?).
    Definitely large hanging baskets (can be pricey, tho') in each opening. You don't have any color to the house, so go crazy with the flowers!!! Fill in around the planted hostas with perennials that are bright and vary their bloomtime so you have color all season long.
    Hmmm, front door....another chance to bring a pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette. My first thought is for a deep berry, common in Victorian color schemes, but will the bf go for it? Next, I think of a rich teal...either color with a beautiful outdoor rug and some furniture to complement. Two large matching planters/urns on the tops of the walls at the foot of the steps leading up to the arch, filled with the same flowers as the hanging baskets.
    To go really crazy, stencil the front of your steps with a pattern from the house, even if it is just in white (or are they a little slanted?).
    Okay, there's my 3 cents...we are all waiting for Spring here in the Midwest. Lol!
  • Claude Claude on Feb 03, 2017
    You need some weeping baskets...I would choose lobelia(royal blue)and white in baskets either hanging in the arch or rectangular boxes under the railings. I notice you have a traditional white screen door👌🏻I would plant 'gramma otts' heirloom morning glories on a triangle obelisk or 2 in that garden area (bright sky blue 4" blooms) and maybe a rose bush...the fragrant heady ones..or wisteria...you have to duplicate the colors up in the window box on the third floor and second as well. Red geraniums are heat tolerant and would carry the eye up there along with black eyed Susie vine that trail down the side. As others have said...you need some impressive matching urns to greet you near the main steps. A tool up shade to the left of the main steps because it looks as tho that may be a sunny spot. Some shrubs for below? Lobelia- royal blue. It will grow into a 3' tall shrub during the growing season and dies back to reseed the next season. I would stick with classic Victorian varieties...it will be beautiful! Your host as NEED to be thinned out and the tree canopy trimmed up...and a chair or two in the shade 🙂
  • Kristi Kristi on Feb 04, 2017
    Wow! I'm overwhelmed now with so many ideas! I should take pics of the inside as well and post on here. This house is so big that at times it takes so long to figure out where to start I end up getting nothing accomplished lol i did forget to say this in my post but as for the greenery in the pics it's all gone. We hired a company last summer to come in and gut the landscaping and just lay mulch down... so right now I have a blank slate. There is no flowers, shrubs etc. The only thing I have left in the front is the beautiful tree in the yard. If it warms up at all later today I'll run out and take a pic and try to add it on here. Thanks again for all these wonderful suggestions
    • Melissa V Melissa V on Feb 06, 2017
      Kristi-I noticed that again after looking at your pics-aaaahhhh, free landscaping and you paid someone to take it out!!! Did they clear the backyard too?
  • Kathy Hord Kathy Hord on Feb 05, 2017
    add some color with furniture,it doesnt have to match. Put colorful pillows on the chairs. If you don't have a green thumb use silk flowers. Hanged the colors and decorations seasonally.
  • Kristi Kristi on Feb 06, 2017
    Lol yes. I had them take everything out bc it was so overwhelming it was becoming a nightmare to deal with. We are actually trying to get it ready to put on the market so I'm also looking for ways to attract more buyers...I love the house but he works over an hour away so he's spending about 3 hours on the road everyday and we decided it would just be easier to move there.
  • Sam Sam on Feb 09, 2017
    At the time this house was built (1880 to 1900?) foundation plants / shrubs were not commonly used. The stonework goes to the ground so that it would show (awesomely!)
    How about a wide band, maybe 10' or more, of pachasandra or some other groundcover plant to make a large monolithic bed? Low Japanese grass would be great if budget allowed.
  • Cheryl Cheryl on Feb 11, 2017
    To add to Melissa's comments. I agree with her. But I would put the pop of color in pillows on some porch furniture. This home is so beautiful and so grand, I would go with a rich charcoal gray, a deep gray on the door. This is a rich color. It will contrast well with the white trim. Go far with color in flowers in hanging pots, etc as Melissa says. I can picture dark wicker porch furniture with colorful fabric and pillows.
  • Lynn Lynn on Feb 12, 2017
    What a beautiful house!!! I'd love to sit back in a porch rocker, sipping iced tea. Short fragrant flowers around the porch, gardenia's or jasmine. Hanging baskets of colorful flowers both bushy & cascading flowers would add color. I'd be cautious about planting bushes or shrubs that would take hours of tending weekly. I would rather sit and admire than have to trim, weed & prune.
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