How I Make My Guests Feel at Home: I Make Guest Baskets!!

I make my home more comfortable for my guests by providing necessary essentials in a basket on the bathroom countertop. I started this for my wedding reception. It was a very DIY affair, and I didn't want my wedding guests to feel uncomfortable in any way, so I put baskets in the bathrooms of my venue containing: condoms, hand sanitizer, lotion, hair spray, moleskin, sewing kit, spray deodorant, bobby pins, hair ties, Tide stain stick, wet wipes, tissues, pain reliever, Tums... you get the idea. After the wedding, we put one of these baskets in our spare bathroom and the other became our "Bag of Requirement" (ala Harry Potter's Room of Requirement) and goes with us on trips, especially camping.
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 06, 2017
    Brilliant! How awesome is that for a wedding?Perfect for any "mischief managed" situation!! I'd love to see pics!

  • Very thoughtful! Many years ago I was in the catering, bartending and florist industries. These items were all in my "bag of tricks" that I took with me. Many professional event planners also use this tip. I bet your guests are extremely appreciative to know you went the extra mile to welcome them! 👍