When it was really cold...

We used to put a flagstone on the wood burning heater in the Livingroom & when we went to bed, I would wrap it in a towel & put it under the covers at the foot of our bed...
Like in the "Olden Days" ... Warm Feet~!! warm body~!
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  • Suzi  criscoe Suzi criscoe on Feb 26, 2017
    WOO HOO me too, now got a dog!!!! BOY does he fuss when I puts me COLD feet on his tummy!!!!! Guess got to go back to ROCKS God Bless Suzi C

  • Rachel Rachel on Mar 01, 2017
    I would always make hot chocolate and cover myself with a LOT of blankets. I love the cold!

  • M. M.. M. M.. on Mar 01, 2017
    I do this now with my little pet chinchilla. I have a flat, smooth rock that I put in some hot water for a few minutes, then dry it and put it in his cage at night time when it's cold. He's quite old and has some arthritis. He hops right on it and seems to melt down a bit onto it, haha! He may have a lot of fur, but his paws get cold, like my hands. He doesn't stay on very long, but does return to it until it returns to room temp. In the Summer, I cool off the rock and he will stay on it long enough to fall asleep! I tried using a brick or a cement paver, but it was too rough. The rock I have is very fine-grained, about 6x1 and keeps its temperature for a long time - he even recognizes the name for it and gets excited when he sees me coming with it, hot or cold! Obviously I test the temp on my upper lip or neck before he gets it, and it's never really HOT or COLD, but enough to comfort him. I think every small mammal pet could have this, and for people, too!

  • Betsy Betsy on Mar 02, 2017
    I have a gas stove and a bird, and when the power went out one winter, I put some bricks in the oven, got them warm, wrapped them in a towel and put them in his cage. Then I covered his cage and he was warm all night and the next day until the power came back on. Don't want the birds to get sick! The cats just curled up and snoozed and ate until the power came on. Lazy cats!