Any tips for installing central vacuum?

I have the vacuum, but having it installed is out of sight! The worst part looks to be climbing into the attic. What an I missing? I watched a YouTube, but still unsure of the difficulty. I live in Las Vegas and would like to do this before it gets too hot!
thank you!
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  • WAYNE WAYNE on Feb 08, 2017
  • William William on Feb 08, 2017
    Good Luck! An be careful! Please post your project here.
  • Terrie Neudorf Terrie Neudorf on Feb 09, 2017
    Our canister is in the basement. Where you run the internal hose depends on the house layout. If you create to step an incline, you vacuume will never work properly. Our hose hook ups are at the same height as plugins. Why are you running it through the attic?
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    • Terrie Neudorf Terrie Neudorf on Feb 17, 2017
      You mean , no floor joist? buildings I've owned still have a sub floor. What kind of a home is it? It's been my experience with home Reno's that putting it up through the attic from the garage effects the power of sucction you get from it. So yes it is effected by the incline to the attic. You will also use more pipes that way. It's more work but your better off to go through the walls at the same height as your garage canister or lower. There is a few u tube videos that will help you. I hope this helps. I love ours and will never own any other type of vacuume.
  • Karen Reilly Karen Reilly on Feb 15, 2017
    Are you one floor or more?
  • Karen Reilly Karen Reilly on Feb 15, 2017
    I have a central vacuum but it doesn't go through the attic. The tank is in the basement the air outlet is hole in the wall. Why do you have to go through the attic?

  • Karen Reilly Karen Reilly on Feb 16, 2017
    I am confused what are you putting the attic? Is it the tank that collects all the debris or are are you putting the pipes that go between floors up there?
  • Patty S Patty S on Feb 16, 2017
    The pipes. Garage has the vacuum. My floor, only one, is concrete.
  • Karen Reilly Karen Reilly on Feb 16, 2017
    Oh OK how are going to access the tank if it's in the attic? Could the unit be kept outside? Do you want it in the attic because of the noise?
  • Lorraine Gaulin Bognar Lorraine Gaulin Bognar on Feb 16, 2017
    I live in Florida, no basement or crawl space so pipe is run in the attic and the canister is in the garage. The newer units self store the hose in the pipes - a huge improvement over the old style!
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    • Lorraine Gaulin Bognar Lorraine Gaulin Bognar on Feb 17, 2017
      Very easy if you don't mind crawling around the insulation in your attic. The pvc pipes run from the canister to the hose plug-in. Put the canister in the garage or other out if the way but accessible place - an electrical outlet is needed only to plug in the canister. The hose is 20' long. The size of your house will dictate how many plug-ins you need for the hose. Mine is centrally located and easily reaches all corners of the house. As long as you have basic knowledge of working with pvc pipe and fittings you should be fine. The only reason we had ours installed instead of doing it ourselves is Darling Hubby has severe claustrophobia!
  • Karen Reilly Karen Reilly on Feb 17, 2017
    Are you comfortable using PVC? First step would be checking out some videos. Then you would need to figure out where you want the thing where you connect the hose. The most important thing is you have to also do some wiring so the unit works. Then you would have to make sure you don't take out any pipes or wires in the walls.
    Then you would have to consider liability if you do the job on your own and something happens does your homeowner/rental insurance cover the loss. If you are not a professional it may not. I'm not trying to discourage but even if the professional install is expensive they usually do the job faster and they carry insurance for the job they do. They would also be in the hot attic. A lot of DIY doesn't take insurance into the equation that's why it's so expensive.
    Good luck again I hate to be a buzz kill but to err on the side of caution might be your best bet.
    • Patty S Patty S on Feb 17, 2017
      Thanks, Karen. I have worked with PVC and have watched several videos and have lots of suggestions on home talk. One guy sent me the manual on how to install. I've ordered the kit, all the tubing etc and should get it next week. I will take pictures of the whole thing.
  • Karen Reilly Karen Reilly on Feb 17, 2017
    Good for you the times they are a changing you can get just about anything on the web and everyone has to be a Jill or Jack of all trades.