How to Make a Functional Stone Birdhouse

6 Materials
3-5 Days

A birdhouse project using found material that is eye appealing and functional.

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You will want a sturdy base, I made this from some outdoor plywood I had.
Don't for get to drill a hole for the entrance (yes, I have forgot this before).
I like to make mine with the floor open. This way I can add a separate piece for cleaning. I'll go int to that later. Note the small pieces of wood attached inside.
Get the stain of your choice ready with some rags and a brush. Please do this outdoors the fumes are flammable.
Stain the roof.
Don't forget to stain around the entrance hole and under the eaves of the roof.
Make sure you stain anywhere you are not going to add stones.
Gather your materials. Colorful stones, (Yes I am a stone hoarder) a twig for the perch and in this case some bottle caps I found at a campground.
Add your focal point first, it is easier to fill in with the stones that way.
Start adding your stones, and perch. I used a great piece of red manzanita for this house, goes with the red in the bottle caps and the roof.
Ok, your all done covering it with your stones. Next comes the fun part.
Remember that opening on the bottom for your house? Add a piece of wood cut to size and attach with screws. This is where those pieces of wood attached inside come in handy. ( this makes for cleaning out your birdhouse easy comes the end of the season).
Go to the hardware store and grab a can of polyurethane. Give your house a good spray and watch the stones shine!!!
If you do not want a shiny house skip this step, but, who doesn't want a shiny house?
Look at that shine!!!

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Add some sturdy screw eyes and hang. Wait till the birds see this.

Suggested materials:

  • Outdoor plywood  (lumber store)
  • River stones  (on walks along the rivers)
  • Adhesive  (local hardware store)
See all materials

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  • Queenbee
    on Feb 16, 2017

    So I didn't see what u used to make all the stones etc stick to the birdhouse. What did u use and also it looks like u used gravel or something to fill in in between the stone??? I really want to try this and live in the Midwest with snow and need something that will take the weather.

    • RocksntwigsBirdhouses
      on Feb 25, 2017

      Karen I did not flatten the bottle caps. I just used a lot of glue, making sure they were stuck down good.

  • Jeanette
    on Feb 17, 2017

    How did you attach the bottle caps?

  • Norma Blanchard
    Norma Blanchard
    on Apr 3, 2019

    what do you use to glue the stones

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  • Sharon Stamm
    Sharon Stamm
    on Feb 14, 2019

    I do love this idea! I keep looking for a bird house design I want for our wooded yard. Finally! This is it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Daisy@TX
    on Nov 8, 2020

    Love love this!!

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