Dress Your Door for Valentine's With These 20 Beautiful Wreaths

Valentine's is just a week a way! Grab some material and make one of these for your door.

By Hometalk Highlights

This one made of pink tulips

This isn’t just for Valentine’s, it’s for spring too.

This one made with supplies from the dollar s

Who knew such cheap things could make a beautiful wreath?

This pink pom pom one

We’re totally making this adorable wreath for Valentine’s day this year.

This one made with conversation hearts

Grab some heart boxes and paint them with your favorite message.

This one made from wine corks

Put your collection to good use and glue them together into a heart.

This one that uses your Christmas collection

Round up your pink ornaments and use them for another holiday.

This adorable polka dot one

Wrap some polka dot fabric around a wreath form and add cute red hearts to it.

This nature one that says spring's in the air

Welcome spring in February with this beautiful and natural wreath.

This easy one made out of fabric

Wrap a circle in your favorite fabric for an easy and beautiful wreath.

This rose covered one made with a pizza box

Grab some cardboard and felt to make this for your door.

This one made with only yarn

If you have yarn lying around, you’re going to love this.

This cute one made from an old sweater

Winter is almost over anyway (or so we hope)! Cut up that sweater for a good use.

This petal one that’s made from cereal boxes

A very romantic and adorable way to dress up your door.

This grapevine one with vines

Buy some from the Dollar Store and put together this adorable wreath in no time.

This neutral color one without pink

Even if you’re not a pink fan, you can still celebrate Valentine’s.

This one made from drift wood

It’s simple, rustic, and pretty.

This argyle one that only cost $2

Use a wire hanger as a form, cut a pool noodle, cut out some fabric, and voila!

This romantic one made out of dried roses

Nothing says Valentine’s like dry colorful roses.

This heart one made from a rags

Even if you don’t have much, you can make a pretty wreath for Valentine’s.