SO, I was asked...who encourages YOU to do DIY?

First is ME, I have this brain that sees something and thinks, I can make that, paint that, I can create something like that, or change something like this into something else. Second is my hubby who seems to always love what I make, and encourages me to try new things, plus when we build - he is my co-conspirator. Then there are my family who like gifts that I make more than when I buy them something. I also have great friends who cheer me on and even give me playful funny comments about my failure (and some of them have been UGGGGGLY) all in all I have a whole team of supporters!
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  • Sue Kiene Sue Kiene on Feb 11, 2017
    If we don't try we fail anyway so if we are going to fail let's make it good and UGGGGGGLY LOL

  • Rachel Rachel on Feb 19, 2017
    What a great discussion topic Teresa!
    The people of hometalk have definitely given me the most inspiration and encouragement for my DIY projects.

  • Patricia Donohoe Patricia Donohoe on Dec 02, 2017
    Hi Teresa l was just looking at your marbelised mantel that you painted it looks great you were saying that you used a small paintbrush to put in the smaller lines I was wondering have you ever used a large feather to do these I have done quite a bit of marbeling and a large stiff feather gives you a great line and by twisting it gives smaller lines off the main one ( just a little hint not a criticism) happy painting best wishes Aussi Pat

    • Teresa Teresa on Dec 03, 2017
      Yes I have used feathers, but I have an easier time and better results with my brushes on projects tha are attached to a wall. I try anything to get the results I want, and I have a collection of all kind of feathers. To bad you are so far away, we could marble together!