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Fixer Upper Style DIY Farmhouse Decor

Chip and Joanna are just too cute & who doesn't everyone adore Fixer Upper?
It's easy to DIY the farmhouse fixer upper look with these easy stenciling projects.
You can stencil on just about any surface, from wood to metal to fabric.
I've even stenciled on glass and book pages.
Always use either painter's tape or stencil adhesive to secure the stencil to your surface.
I usually use painter's tape, but stencil adhesive does a better job of keeping paint from bleeding under the stencil. I don't recommend it for fabric.
Make sure to mask off the area around the stencil edge so you don't accidentally get paint where you don't want it.
You can use stencil brushes or foam rollers. My personal preference are brushes.
The key to getting great results is having a very dry brush.
Once I put paint on my brush, I wipe most of it off on a paper plate or paper towels.
Pallet wood was used to make this rustic wall bin.
These make awesome storage for a kitchen or craft room and don't cost anything to make using free pallets.
My love for old bread boards inspired this farmhouse wooden tote.
It has that amazing Fixer Upper farmhouse look, and works hard in my kitchen!
The tutorial to make your own is HERE
You can use stencils to create one-of-a-kind pillows too. If you sew, you can make your own covers, or buy inexpensive ones ready made.
It seriously takes less than 10 minutes to make one!
You can customize them with any color for the room you use them in.
Make sure to use paint specifically for fabric, not regular craft paint, or the covers won't be washable.
Stenciled projects make thoughtful and inexpensive gifts - like these farmhouse flour sack towels.
Make a set with a different design on each towel and include some fresh cookies or bread for a gift that will really be appreciated, but costs very little money.
CLICK the link below for more easy project ideas & inspiration!

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Materials used for this project:

  • Vintage Sign Stencils   (http://knickoftime.net/vintage-sign-stencils)
  • Acrylic paint and fabric paint   (craft store)
  • Stencil brush   (craft store)

To see more: http://knickoftime.net/tag/stencils

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