Before: Tracked on stairs

The carpet on these stairs looked like they’d been stampeded on.

After: A gorgeous dark maple staircase

With the white trim, this staircase and hallway is just gorgeous!.

Before: Dingy beige everywhere

The beige walls to the beige carpet, this was just too much.

After: A bright and beautiful room

From the white trim to the hardwood carpets, this floor transformation brings the room together.

Before: Yucky carpet in a dark room

The dirty pink carpet was the real downer in this dark room.

Before: An overpowering pink carpet

This nasty carpet was a nightmare in their dream home.

After: Fun barnwood floors

This floor has character, and it totally completes the home.

Before: A 70’s carpeted bathroom

Besides being a great place for mold, this carpet was outdated and had to go.

After: Modern grey tiles floors

With a modern look and a new update, this bathroom was brought into the 21st century.

Before: A patterned beige carpet

This bedroom needed something more, and the carpet made it look less warm than it should have.

After: A solid and stunning pine wood floor

This wood-lover got the floor of her dreams, and it only cost $1.50 per square foot!