15 Amazing Sci-fi Decor Ideas for the Nerd in Your Family

Love Dr. Who? Want to make that Star Wars fan smile? Lord of the Rings obsessed? We got you covered.

By Hometalk Highlights

Make death star planters out of concrete

With some death star ice molds, cement and a trowel you can either use them as candle holders or planters.

Create a shelf to look like a star fighter

Simulate space by painting the walls in blue & silver streaks and build a hexagonal shelf as a cockpit.

Stencil a Star Wars character on to a dresser

Make your son love his decor by stenciling his favorite droid on his dresser. Trace it over chalk paint. Voila!

Or one of Star War’s more iconic heroes

Use a projector to magnify Han Solo’s silhouette on a dresser and color it in with acrylic paint.

Add some of the Galaxy to your command center

Grab whiteboard and some chalkboard to make your family note taking Star Wars themed.

Turn 2x4s into rad R2D2 bookends

If you have some spare 2x4s and 2x2s, cut them at angles, nail them with a gun, and paint. Adorable.

Build a mini gold Darth Vader Christmas tree

Use a mold, plaster of paris, styrofoam, and gold spray paint to recreate this golden Vader tribute.

Craft Star Wars silhouette votives

If you’re really devoted print blacked out silhouettes and wrap them around electric votives. Cool.

Build a glowing Doctor Who vinyl poem

Glass, vinyl, tape, LED lights & some wood are all you need for this cute Doctor Who homage.

Cut & paste Police Box party plates

Doctor Who is always a party but why not make it the theme of your party? Print some graphics and paste.

Paint your boy’s closet doors like the Tardis

Use contact paper to mask off large areas and paint faux recessed panels. And look, bigger on the inside.

Or upgrade his man cave doors into the Tardis

Grab a few skinny blonde boards, blue and black paint and cut out some letters.

Decorate your Christmas tree in Whovian style

All you need is some purple, glue and silver spray paint and some swirl and Tardis ornaments.

Construct a hobbit hole retaining wall

Bring the Shire to your backyard with treated plywood, dur rock, chicken wire, stone pavers, boards & paint.

Put together a wood Fellowship rack

Remake the famous walk from Fellowship of the Rings with wood, print out, dowel & paint.