DIY Dual Purpose Garden Table

2 Materials
5 Hours

Build your own dual purpose garden table from 2 x 4's and cedar fence boards. This table is use for seed germination and potting.

diy dual purpose garden table, painted furniture

This is an easy, detailed project and I'm sharing the highlights. I made this from 2 x 4's and fence boards; this piece could be duplicated with reclaimed wood.

If you have additional questions please ask or visit the post link at the end.

diy dual purpose garden table, painted furniture

The frame is solid using 5 - eight foot pine 2 x 4's. Measurements can vary allowing you to build to any size of your liking.

Once the frame is connected with screws and until smooth in preparation of applying oil based stain. Painting is also an option.

diy dual purpose garden table, painted furniture

The bottom of the frame works as a shelf and was closed in with chicken wire after the stain dried. This space can be used for small container storage or starting additional seeds in the summer and fall.

Additional building details and closing in the base of the project with fence boards was also completed. This included the outside shelves, bottom of the interior greenhouse box and top shelf.

diy dual purpose garden table, painted furniture

To create a greenhouse appeal I used duroplex and cut to fit using a box cutter. This was a slow process and very effective.

This was easy to attach to the wood using pilots holes and small screws. The pilot holes were necessary to keep the duroplex from splitting.

Pilot hole is drilling a small hole for a screw or nail to be driven through without splitting materials.

diy dual purpose garden table, painted furniture

The lid was one of the last things to add and it was really easy. Connected with screws from the underneath followed by two hinges connected to the back of the frame.

diy dual purpose garden table, painted furniture

Stenciling was included for personalized details. I used individual letters and the Potting Shed Stencil from Old Sign Stencils online.

This project is just in time to get you ready for a spring garden. Get the entire list of DIY instructions on the blog where I explain each step in greater detail.

It's a very straight forward project and I estimated the cost because it will vary depending on what you use and the stencils you decide to finish with.

Suggested materials:

  • Duroplex  (Lowes)
  • Potting Shed Stencil  (Old Sign Stencils)
  • Wood + hardware  (Hardware Store)
Garden Up Green - Carole

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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