Turn it into a vintage flower vase

Mold cement around a paper towel tube and decoupage newspaper over it.

Mold it into a gorgeous ombre jug

Pour cement into a mixer and add dye or latex paint if you want to add color. So pretty.

Shape it into a gorgeous side table

Cut a cardboard into a geometric shape, mold cement over it, insert legs, let dry & paint copper.

Carve it into a geometric fruit bowl

You’ll need cement, cardboard, an Exacto knife, sand paper and creativity for this project.

Add it to a wood bowl to use as planters

Pour around a tin can for the shape, let it set then attach to the top of the bowl with more cement.

Mix it into heart shaped magnets

Pour fast dry cement paste into a heart shaped silicon mold,& super glue the magnets & dip in gold.

Or pave it into a heart themed stepping stone

Create two vats of clay, dye one red then pour into a heart shaped mold before creating the circular frame.

Make it into cool hexagon coasters

Create a hexagonal mold, pour the cement into it, let dry, spray paint and glue cork board to the bottoms.

Configure it into modern decor

Fill a conical piece of plastic sheeting with cement. Cut away sheeting & spray paint.

Overlay it on your countertop

Use a budget friendly cement overlay finish to refurbish boring looking counter tops. Gorgeous!

Map it as customized tiles on your wall

Encaustic tiles are trendy & easy to customize with some some stencils, chalk paint & wax. Love!

Sculpt it into a backyard coffee table

Add crushed wine bottles into the mix, tape a slab of glass over it after sanding, and adhere to a frame.

Form it into a succulent planter

Pour cement into a square mold and let it dry. For contrast paint a geometric shape on it in gold.

Fashion it into leafy garden art

Mold cement over a real rhubarb leaf and hardware cloth over a garbage bag. Let it dry and cure for weeks.