15 Clever Ways to Use Cookie Cutters Outside of Your Kitchen

Cookie cutters & crafts is a match made in heaven

By Hometalk Highlights

To design cool fabric decor

Use the cookie cutter to trace the shape of your desired decor and cut. Love this key-chain.

To decorate your party mantle

For a spring mantle, use a cookie cutter bunny shape to design fabric on burlap.

To shape pipe cleaner garlands

Grab your favorite shape cookie cutter, some pipe cleaners then wrap them around it, & tie or glue them.

To make hanging birdseed ornaments

Pour birdseed into a mold and add shape it with cookie cutters. So adorable.

To mold hanging ornaments

These lovely pieces of hanging decor require a cornstarch mixture, a cookie cutter & metallic spray paint.

To create the perfect Christmas wrapping

Make stamps using cookie cutters and design your own Christmas wrapping paper.

To help prettily adorn your console table

Salt, dough and chalk paint and cookie cutters are all you need to copy these gorgeous stones.

To craft football jersey Christmas ornaments

Wrap a shirt shaped cookie cutter in thread then paste a cut out to the back for the number.

Or to hang as personalized ornaments

Add pictures to the back of your cookie cutters & use them as frames then string them up on your tree.

To use as adorable napkin holders

Cover the cookie cutter in ribbon and sparkly decor then roll a napkin through. Adorable.

To hang up for your Halloween mantle

String twine through the tops of your pumpkin cookie cutters, add a tulle bow and voila!

To use as felt Christmas decor

Trace & cut around cookie cutters to create an ornament hanger out of felt, showing off various designs.

To add to a lovely rain chain

Secure cookie cutters to a chain with a bit of wire, set the loops 9’ apart and tie to the gutter.

To carve out your Jack ‘O Lantern

Hammer a cookie cutter into the face of your pumpkin to get the design you want.

To brighten up your 4th of July

String star shaped cookie cutters across your mantle using red & white shoe lace string and blue tulle.