15 Gorgeous Homemade Candle Ideas You're Going to Want to Try

Nothing feels as cozy as a homemade candle!

By Hometalk Highlights

These egg shaped candles made in shells

Poke holes in your eggs with a knife, spill out the contents, pour in the melted wax, and add a b-day candle.

These cool vintage bottle candles

Tape a bottle to some cardboard, box it up, stand it, melt wax, pour it in, and you’ve got a mold!

These pumpkin pie scented candles

Wick a cheap glass container then melt wax, add the pumpkin fragrance extract & add coloring.

These patterned tea cup candles

Break & melt old colored candles and pour them into vintage tea cups and insert wick.

These beverage themed candles

Melt wax and crayons to color the candles, then pour into themed cups, like cocktail glasses or mugs.

These golden seashell candles

Spray paint seashells gold, melt wax, pour them into the shell & let dry.

These retro oil can candles

Melt wax, add scented oil, print out the vintage graphics, and glue them to tin cans.

These french teacup soy scented candles

Grab lavender essential oil, a teacup, wax and a french style decal to get this delicate decoration.

These concrete votive stunners

Melt soy wax, and insert wood wicks, and infuse with scented oil. Stunning!

These fragrant beeswax beauties

Melt beeswax in a pan and infuse it with coconut oil and carefully place the wick.

These colorful tiered candles

Melt down the remnants of old candles in a double boiler, then pour them on top of each other.

These autumn spice candles of joy

Melt soy wax flakes on a stove, add your favorite autumnal spices like cinnamon or nutmeg & set.

These perfect blue candles

Melt tea lights in a pot, dye them blue, pour them into glass jars, wind twine around the lid & voila!

These adorable buttercup candles

If you have left over wax, scrape it out of the container, melt it, then pour it into muffin wrappers.

These cinnamon spice candles

Melt wax flakes, dye them a gorgeous red, infuse them with a scent, then pour into a glass container.