Decorative Doorbell Cover

Doorbell chimes aren't always too pretty, especially if they are straight out of the 1970s. Replacing is an option, but how about making a new cover for the mechanics of a perfectly functional doorbell chime?
  • decorative doorbell cover
Measure punched tin (I used the Union Jack pattern) to be at large enough to cover the sides when folded over (I added 2 inches to the measurement of the front of the old cover). The linear pattern made it very easy to cut and make sure everything was straight.

Snip the corner on a diagonal
  • decorative doorbell cover
Snip the corners with tin snips on a diagonal. Fold the edges up to make a box. Be careful, the tin can be very sharp.
  • decorative doorbell cover
Using lattice, create a frame around the metal box. This is the side edges of the doorbell chime cover. I used a PVC lattice I found at Home Depot. The lattice edges were glued together using Gorilla Glue. Everything was held in place while it dried with duct tape.
  • decorative doorbell cover
Paint to finish. I used 2 coats of glossy white spray paint to coordinate with the trim in my house. Light coats of wall paint could also be used to make the cover disappear or blend in with your wall color.
  • decorative doorbell cover
All finished, you can see how much nicer the new one looks instead of the old one! Full instructions are available on my blog with additional pictures.

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