Black and White Lily Vases.

I have wanted a few white vases with fine black floral motifs on them for a while but could never find one that was as heavy as I wanted or priced the way I wanted.
I wanted them V shaped so when I pick bunches of flowers in the summer I have enough room in the vase to have a real bouquet!
I had seen a few that I loved, but just could never justify $100. for a vase
And then I saw these.....hmmmm $3.50 of the small ones and $5 for the larger ones  (Canadian funds!)

Ohhhhh yeah!

I tapes off the top of the "vases" and covered them with paper so they would not get overspray. When done I let them sit for about a 1/2 hour and took off the tape
I put some fake tea lights inside ( they are gold so the colour is weird) to check for under spray. I found it!
Touch up!  This time I only taped the top.
I scraped off the overspray on the edge..
Done with the white!
I printed off a drawing I had on my laptop after sizing it to fit.
I cut the print to fit in the vase, put it in and stuffed behind it with rags to keep it firmly pressed up against the glass..

With a "Sharpie" permanent marker, I started tracing my print.  It was at this point I realized that I had to trace with the glass on a certain angle because with the thickness of the vase, it was presenting an altered view.
Here you can see the "altered" view, unless you are right over the image, it is not lined up.
I decided to only do the main outline.
The outline. Rags and print removed.
Hand finishing.  If I had picked a thinner vase or done the copying before I painted them white - this step could have been done when the print was inside.
I then reprinted my print slightly larger and cut out the upper and lower lilies and did  the same the two smaller vases.
I then sprayed a very thin coat, inside and out of laquer.

The only thing left for me to do is coat the inside and outside with a brush on coat of 2 part epoxy to make them water proof and after curing for 10 days will not harm the flowers either!

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  • L
    on Apr 18, 2018

    Hi! I love this! I like to color and think tracing would be fun. Quick question, did you use the epoxy on the inside and outside? If you could find the proper size, what about putting a smaller vase inside for the water? This is on my list! Thank you for the detailed instructions 😁

  • Sueconforzi
    on Apr 18, 2018

    Beautiful project....kudos to you. I am also from Canada..could you please advise the brand name of the paint and type, so I can purchase. Thanks?


    • Teresa
      on Apr 18, 2018

      Thank you!! Rustoleum high gloss white and Rustoleum clear lacquer. Got both at Canadian Tire

  • Linda Hunt
    on Apr 18, 2018

    Hello Fellow Canadian, I absolutely love the ingenuity that created these beauties for those of us who cannot afford the $100.00 for a vase, lol. I am not aware of how you use epoxy to waterproof it though. Did I miss a step and if I did my apology for bugging you. Spring will be around soon!!!

    • Teresa
      on Apr 18, 2018

      Thanks! I had not done the epoxy at that point and it need not be done if the vase will not hold water. I bought counter sealing epoxy at Home Hardware. It is good safe which is not necessary for this project but I use it for other projects too. When I do it on a vase, I paint on a thin coat , elevating the base with a canning jar lid ring. And usually do 2 coats.

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