So we have a cool desk space at the top of our stairs but all the electrical outlets and internet plug ins are on the wall above the desk. This is where the big ugly internet router is and it is also where we charge a lot of our gadgets, like iphones, ipads, nabis and cameras. If there is one thing that can make a space look messy and disorganized it’s visible cords everywhere, so make your own DIY charging station . Read on to know how.
I know it’s pretty bad. I tried my best and used this frame as a distraction.
Yea I know, it didn’t work. But for a few years this is how the desk stood. Until I found these gorgeous blue storage boxes at Burlington Coat Factory. And yes that does say $6 and $8 each, I love the prices at Burlington! As soon as I saw these gorgeous boxes I knew I wanted to do a charging station. If you are just like me and hate trying to find the charger when your camera gets low, you will love this idea. All the chargers are stored in the boxes and even the gadgets can fit too. An added bonus is that the boxes hide the cords and house the unsightly internet router.
So here is how you can make your very own charging station. Take the bigger box which will hold the router, the surge protector and the chargers. Take an exacto knife and cut the a square hole in the back of your box. The hole should be big enough so the plugs can fit through. Now of course you could do a much ‘prettier’ job with the hole. You could make a circular hole and add a grommet so it looks finished. But I knew the back of my box would be facing the wall and never seen so I just kept it simple. I also decided to make two more holes for ventilation. The router emits a lot of heat and I thought it might be a good idea to have some more air circulating.

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