Pineapple Light From Plastic Spoons

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2 Hours

Create your own playful pineapple table lamp using plastic spoons, a water bottle, some paint and glue. It will add a playful touch to any room while providing light at the same time.

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pineapple light from plastic spoons


- Plastic Spoons

- Large Plastic Water Bottle

- Hot Glue Gun

- Hot Glue Sticks

- Spray Paint. I like the Rustoleum spray paint. You can buy an assortment of colors on Amazon.

- Xacto Knife or Scissors

- Light Fixture Cording

- Chandelier Lightbulb

pineapple light from plastic spoons

Step 1: Cut your water bottle.

Cut your water bottle into three separate pieces: top, middle and bottom. The top portion, and the bottom piece are the only ones you will be using, so you can go ahead and recycle that middle portion. The top section is the piece that matters most, so be sure to cut it to the desired height you'd like your light to be. Mine was about 6" tall.

Cut off the top nozzle from your water bottle. You will not need the nozzle.

pineapple light from plastic spoons

Step 2: Pierce a medium-sized hole into the center of the bottom piece of the water bottle. Ensure it is large enough for the light plug end to fit through.

pineapple light from plastic spoons

Step 4: Tape the bottom to the top.

Using scotch tape or heavy-duty clear tape, stick the bottom portion to the top piece, as if you were recreating a short water bottle. Then, cut the nozzle off the top portion of your water bottle. You won't need this part.

pineapple light from plastic spoons

Step 5: Paint your plastic spoons.

For this project, you'll need to break the heads off of the plastic spoons. Snap the base from the handle and put your handle portions off to the side. I chose to spray paint my spoon heads three different colors to create an ombre effect. You can choose to paint it all one color - or be ambitious and paint every piece a different color. Have fun with it!

Just remember, however you paint your spoons will appear differently when the pineapple is lit up. Brush strokes, splatters and other effects will be visible when the light shines through each piece.

My first color was a turquoise.

pineapple light from plastic spoons

My second color, a sky blue hue.

pineapple light from plastic spoons

My third color, a dark blue hue.
I love the ombre look of these colors. Rustoleum has a bunch of different shades and colors. You can check out a number of them here. 

pineapple light from plastic spoons

Step 6: Paint the handles of your spoons.

I chose to paint my handles the darker shade of blue. The handles will create the spiky portion of the pineapple.

pineapple light from plastic spoons

Step 7: Glue your spoon pieces to your bottle.

One by one, use your hot glue gun to adhere each piece to your water bottle base. Hold each piece down for atleast 5 seconds to ensure it bonds well to the plastic water bottle.

pineapple light from plastic spoons

Continue gluing on each spoon piece to the water bottle. Do not glue any pieces on to the bottom of the bottle, just the sides.

pineapple light from plastic spoons

Step 8: Insert your cording.

Take your electrical cording and begin feeding it through the light base. Insert the plug into the top portion of the water bottle and out through the bottom hole you created in the base. Feed it all of the way through until the bulb portion sits snugly inside the pineapple base. Don't forget to screw in your light bulb!

pineapple light from plastic spoons

Step 9: Create your pineapple spikes.

At the top of your water bottle, take your spoon handles and create a spiky top, just like you would see on a pineapple. No need for perfection here! I used a combination of hot glue and tape to adhere it.

NOTE: For safety reasons, ensure this spiky piece does not touch your light bulb. You don't want the ends of the spoons to become too hot when lit.

pineapple light from plastic spoons

Voila! My playful pineapple light sitting on my family room side table. It adds such a fun pop of color to our room and I've received so many compliments on it already. Your guests won't believe you made it from a bunch of plastic spoons!

pineapple light from plastic spoons

Daytime vs. Nighttime - Lit-up!

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  • Laurie Frank
    on Jan 27, 2018

    Wont the heat from the light cause the plastic to melt?

  • AnnMarie Fronk
    on Jan 27, 2018

    I've done this and all my spoons fell off. I was told to use colored spoons though. Do you think if I painted the spoons, the roughness of the paint would have kept the spoons on?

  • Lynn Chrysogelos
    on Jan 28, 2018

    Is the lighting to hoy for plastic. What kind of light bulb ? Night light

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  • Trudy Ottenmiller
    on Jan 27, 2018

    I would just use colored different shaded spoons instead of painting them

  • Greg Kovacich
    on Jan 28, 2018

    If you use even a low watt incandescent bulb it will soften the hot glue and everything will lose it's shape in a very short period of time. Make sure you use LED bulbs!

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