When You Want to Decorate, Ask Yourself:What Are Your Passions?

When it comes right down to it YOU are the only one that's going to have to live with what is on your wall. So find what you're passionate about whether it's sports, family, art even a combo of two or more. Do that and you will always be happy with your wall and wonder what took so long to put that up there. Just trust your instinct.
  3 answers
  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 20, 2017
    That is such sound advice, we get so caught up in worrying about trends and styles, but your'e 100% correct, what matters is what we actually like. Thank you! What themes do you use?
  • Shoshana Shoshana on Feb 21, 2017
    Couldn't agree more! I had a huge empty wall to decorate when I first moved into my new apartment. Inspired by my love for nature and being outside, I ended up using pictures I've collected over the years from my hikes, coupled with strips of hanging twine to create a montage of all the places I love to be. Now I love sitting on my couch and relaxing with a view that keeps me zen
  • Danielle Odin Danielle Odin on Feb 27, 2017
    I am into Stamp collecting, Model Railroading and Knitting and Crochetting. I have a couple of Train prints and some time ago I found some wrapping paper with all different stamps on it I thought I could just frame it and hand it. I avoid any yarn decor as I have 2 cats and the cat hairs would accumulate on them. I get very sneezy with dust and cat hairs so it is best that I stay away from yarn art. I have one entire wall of my bedroom dedicated to family pictures.