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Repurposed Ladder Into Shelf

I had this old ladder sitting around and thought I would repurpose it somehow. Now ladders can be used for loads of things, but I thought I would make a back-of-the-door storage unit this time around. This shelf is quick and easy and makes for a great catch all! Adding a bit of hardware cloth to the ladder makes this shelf a quick and easy project, too!

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Time: 1 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy

STEP 1: Paint your brackets (if you wish) before getting started. Then screw them into the bottom of the top rung of the ladder.


STEP 2: Place your shelf where you want to hang it, making sure it is level and drill pilot holes into the door or wall you are wishing to hang it on. Then screw through the brackets and into the pilot holes securing it in place.

STEP 3: Take a step back and make sure that the shelf is centered and level.

STEP 4: Take your hardware cloth and hold it over one of the spaces on the ladder. Cut the cloth so that is the height you are looking for plus 3/4" or so to fold over on the bottom. Cut the width so that there is an extra 3/4" on either side of the ladder. Basically you are cutting the cloth so that it has extra on the sides and the bottom for a future step.

STEP 5: If you wish, you can paint the cloth to match the brackets at this time.

STEP 6: Once the paint has dried, place the cloth against the rung of the ladder and fold over the bottom so that the edge is nice and smooth and also in a straight line. I folded mine over 3 squares of the grid all the way across.

STEP 7: Fold the sides around the ladder creating a 90° corner making sure the bottom is lined up with the rung.

STEP 8: Grab your staple gun and secure the hardware cloth in place on the sides by stapling it into the wood.

STEP 9: You can just staple the front of the hardware cloth into the rung of the ladder, but I had some copper tacks on hand and thought I would use them to add a nice touch. Simply secure them in place with a mallet.

STEP 10: Fill your shelves with the items of your choice!

Look at all that new storage space! I love how rustic this looks in my home. The ladder totally makes this unique from other shelves. I might buy another one from Amazon, because I love it so much.

You could use a piece of wood in the front of the shelf, but the hardware cloth really helps hold tiny items in place...

This thing has a lot going for it! It's repurposed, it is a storage solution, AND it looks pretty great and can be used as decor too!
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  • S.Harley
    S.Harley Burbank, CA
    on Feb 23, 2017

    LOVE this! I'm thinking it might even work near my front door to hold mail and all sorts of misc items and keep things looking neat. Thanks for sharing!

  • Heather
    Heather United Kingdom
    on Mar 2, 2017

    Wow that is such a good idea. I love it. Enjoy :)

  • Carole White
    Carole White Canada
    on Mar 2, 2017

    Fabulous idea!!! I can think of so many uses for something like this...if only I had any wall/door space left :) Thanks for sharing,

  • Sharon Boxey
    Sharon Boxey
    on Mar 2, 2017

    Its not for me, however it is a fantastic idea...does the ladder/shelves hit the toilet? Looks like it might.

  • Theduke1234
    on Mar 2, 2017

    I'm loving this!! You could put anything on these shelves that you want.!! It is very Rustic lookin' and I'd like to try this one, with my husband of course!!

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