Asked on Feb 22, 2017

How can I fix this with concrete?

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Hey there,
I have a hole in the ground and want to repair it. I am not sure how to start. The evacuation tube should stay removable after I filled the hole. You have to mix cement with sand and water. Is it indifferent which sand? I know they sell bags in Home Depot but they are 45 kg ! I can't even lift this in my car and I don't need so much. Thanks for your input.

It is only 6-7 cm deep, but I can go deeper if I dig some of those stones out

Around the evacuation tube it is 1m deep...
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  • William
    on Feb 22, 2017

    Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Ace Hardware, True Value have Cement Patch in 10 pound buckets that you can use. They are fortified with vinyl bonding agent to adhere to old concrete. Leave the stones as a base for the cement patch to grip. Just make sure they are below the existing concrete. You can use some heavy cardboard to form a well around the pipe level with the top of the existing concrete to prevent the cement patch from falling in. Read the label on the bucket to see if one or two buckets would be enough.
  • Swinnen Lisette
    Swinnen Lisette
    on Feb 22, 2017

    Thanks William, tomorrow, I will have a look at Home Depot to see what they got. Does concrete "shrink" when it dries? I mean, If I level my new with the old concrete, will it stay on the same level or should I put a little more on top of it?
    I never saw my husband doing this so I don't know how it works.
  • Swinnen Lisette
    Swinnen Lisette
    on Feb 23, 2017

    Thanks. Here we go then !
  • Rhonda S
    Rhonda S
    on Feb 25, 2017

    If the buckets are not available look a product like Quikrete. That's a brand name for a ready mixed concrete with all proportions correct. You just add water. The bags are about 50 pounds or 22 kilos. Since it's a powder, you only mix up what you need. When I have more mixed up then I need for a particular project, I use the leftovers to make step stones for the garden.
  • Lindcurt
    on Feb 26, 2017

    My sister-in-law that is 4ft 11 inches tall bought concrete in bags way to heavy for her to carry. She had them loaded in the back of her plastic lined van so the bags could be opened and scooped it out directly into a wheel barrow. Mixing up as much as she needed for each area. Did not have to lift any bags and got the job done.
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