The Story of a Hubcap and Regret...has This Ever Happened to You?

Last night: There I was, on my way home, in a bit of a rush because I had dinner plans and was running late when unexpectedly, my night was a bit derailed...I spotted a hubcap. A seemingly innocent, abandoned hubcap. My first thoughts were "What can I make with it! Win!"
But then I had a reality check and remembered my rush, so I walked past it.
I got about halfway down the block when I felt myself fill with regret.
I ran back (just in case in my 15 second absence someone else had found my treasure)
It was still there! So I reached out to claim my prize....and it covered me in grease!!
Ack! My dinner date!! In my distress, I left the hubcap behind so that I could get home, clean up, and not be too late to dinner.
Since then, I've been full of regret....the endless repurposing possibilities- lost, gone forever!
Has this ever happened to you? Can you resist roadside finds? Do you ever regret leaving them behind?
e the story of a hubcap and regret has this ever happened to you
e the story of a hubcap and regret has this ever happened to you
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  • Gag4876457 Gag4876457 on Feb 23, 2017
    You were going home to clean off the grease, should have taken the hub cap too. You already had it in your hand .

  • Tova Pearl Tova Pearl on Feb 24, 2017
    you'll find another, don't worry it wasn't the only hubcap in the sea

  • Swinnen Lisette Swinnen Lisette on Feb 24, 2017
    Hillela, what where you planning to do with that hubcap? Something must have gone through your head when you saw that cap lying on the round.
    Apart from a fallen off cap, you can't find anything on the street here. Here in France you are not allowed to leave anything on the street. They will track you down and fine you.
    You are only allowed to put normal waste, in a bin-bag, outside. And that excludes glass, carton, magazines and paper, milk-and other bricks, plastic bottles. Those things you have to gather in a yellow plastic box and put it outside on a determined day in the week. Same thing with compost.
    Everything else, you have to carry yourself to the tip. Almost every village has his own tip that is guarded by a man. Even if you see something useful lying in one of the waste containers, you can't take it. If you want something to repurpose, you have to go to a secondhand shop.
    In Spain however, you can put anything next to the bin's for anyone else to take if they can use it. My mother found some new shoes like that.

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    • Swinnen Lisette Swinnen Lisette on Feb 26, 2017
      No you are not allowed. And you can hardly find anything useful because you have to toss everything in a container, so what's already in there is soon smashed.

  • Melody Melody on Feb 25, 2017
    just yesterday while walking my dog I found a hubcap partially frozen into the snowbank. Try as I might I could not dislodge it. Have no clue what I wanted it for, either. Sometimes you just cannot help yourself.

  • Judi Judi on Feb 25, 2017
    hmm.. bird feeder, hanging plant pot fence decor.......

    • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 26, 2017
      I love that a simple hubcap has endless possibilities! Have you ever made anything with one?

  • Judi Judi on Feb 26, 2017
    yes, all of the above! I grew up on the Prairies in western Canada.... and we can do anything! LOL

  • Bja11845566 Bja11845566 on Feb 27, 2017
    made a clock for my son's garage used lightweight metal or the hands and everyone who sees it loves how it looks. I cut the metal to look like screwdrivers and wrenches

  • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 27, 2017
    Ha! I see hubcaps on the freeway or the roads..but No ... no stopping to get them. But I have seen pictures of hub caps shiny-mounted on a wall...gorgeous! Another lighted from behind...a clock...yup...lots of fun possibilities.

  • Oh dear me! This exactly why I have a couple plastic bags in my purse at all times. And hand sanitizer and tissues of some sort. And I would have done one of two things - given it to my brother for his hubcap collection on the walls of his garage workshop or drill a few holes and add succulents and accessories for a fun mini garden. As others have said, not not fret, you will come across more - and that will give you time to think about what you want to do with it!