Get the Bedroom of Your Dreams With These Awesome Fabric Ideas

Who knew all you needed was fabric to get the bedroom of your dreams?

By Hometalk Highlights

Decoupage your dresser into a stand out piece

This eye-popping furniture is customizable for any look.

Create your own beautiful duvet

If you can’t find a blanket you like, take some of your favorite fabric and make your own.

Wrap fabric into a stunning headboard

Grab a foam core and place your fabric around it. Voila!

Or tuft it for a royal look

This gorgeous headboard only cost $27, and it’s beautiful!

Hang up funky ombre batik curtains

We’d smile every time we walk into a room with these curtains.

Or add drama with your own painted curtains

You can either buy ready made and paint them, or you can get a fabric and sew them.

Sew your own fun and bright pillow covers

A bed never looks made until you have throw pillows on it.

Create a colorful curtain for your closet

These look so much better than those standard closet doors, and you can paint them any way you want. (Cutting Edge Stenc

Hang a luxurious bed canopy

This blogger uses table cloths, but you can use any fabric you like.

Create a little organizer for your nightstand

Wrap some fabric around an old frame and you have the perfect organizer for your nightstand.