DIY Faux Stone Raised Planter

How to easily make this DIY stone veneer raised planter.

Check out this short video which shows step by step instructions.
This is an easy DIY project.
We start with the purchase of a plastic planter sleeve. I purchased this rectangular one at home depot for a few bucks. Next step to cut the pressure treated 4x4 legs to the height we wanted for our planter. Then build a frame that fits the dimensions of the plastic sleeve. We used a couple 2x4s to support the sleeve in place. I then took the 4 pieces of pressure treated 4x4 and cut a notch lengthwise as shown. These 4x4s will be screwed onto the existing 2x4 legs as a decorative cap. The 4x4 legs will not actually add much support for the planter. They are just a design feature. I wanted the stone to be flush and the legs to protrude a bit.
You can see how the 4x4 legs are positioned. Each has a small section of the 2x4 protruding. It will be this 2x4 that we attach the hardie backer to. Depending on the size of the planter you can add and additional lower 2x4 or 2x3 as shown. This additional support will allow you to attach the hardie backer cement board more securely.
We decided to use hardiebacker cement board rather than plywood as a backer for the stone because of it weather resistant qualities. The hardiebacker is attached with screws as shown.
We used contractors cement on the back of each stone and then pressed each firmly in place. I did one side at a time and let the cement dry completely before flipping the box and applying stone to another side.Then using some contractors cement we applied each faux stone into place.
I added 2x4 top rail and stained the exposed 2x4s and 4x4s. Last step was to add top soil and flowers.
Beautiful DIY stone veneer raised planted.

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    Where do you get the stone? They said in the heading, it was faux

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  • Gerry
    on Jul 17, 2017

    Very nice and I know just where I can put that. Thanks for sharing.

  • Maureen
    on Jul 23, 2017

    Very creative!! It looks awesome.
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