What to do with antique Christmas tree candle holders?

I have 16 Christmas tree candle holders that my mother had on her tree when she was a small child, 1920 maybe. I don't know what to do with them but I don't want to toss them either...any ideas???
q what to do with antique christmas tree candle holders, repurposing upcycling
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  • Cate Cate on Feb 24, 2017
    Use them as place card holders on a fancy dinner table. Clip one to a folded fabric napkin and put the name card and a little candle in the candle holder spot.

  • Christy Roppel Christy Roppel on Feb 24, 2017
    Can you find faux candles and actually use them on the tree? Or, "open" the holder part (where the candle would go) and put an ornament or other "bauble" inside. You could mod-podge a picture, but, frankly, they are so wonderful as is! Even with the patina (aka rust) :)

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 24, 2017
    Put LED candles inside go them.

  • Annie Annie on Feb 24, 2017
    Great ideas, I like the place card one, I love dinner parties and this gives me a reason to have one!

  • Sherry Sherry on Feb 25, 2017
    Use them with real candles on a "tomato cage" Christmas tree (made with non flammable materials and decorations of course).

  • Florent Florent on Feb 28, 2017
    Use them as birthday candle holders to be set around the cake on the dish.

  • Sophia,M.,McConnery Sophia,M.,McConnery on Mar 02, 2017
    They could be used as napkin holders,paper holders,Paint them colors,and such.Those are lovely!

  • Nancy Nancy on Mar 03, 2017
    I am an antique dealer And have also worked in a museum. Your holders appear to be in rough shape. I have spray painted many small candle holders such as yours with an antique silver or mercury glass type paint. I bought battery type miniature candles. They looked fabulous on my Christmas tree with various antique ornaments. The tree looked very similar to a Victorian antique tree.