OMG! Looking for your feedback for our RV Makeover?

We're getting ready to hit the road RE-Styling -- in a '90 Lance truck camper. Nicely made, holding up very well. Lots of windows, bright & roomy for 2.
Do you see another Hometalk PROJECT coming? I do. New campers cost 20 x what I paid for this fixer-upper. Fast challenge a-coming, fun & cheap.
Hoping our local auto painter will repaint exterior this plus our '92 Sierra GMC truck (ugly plow truck, with a red Earl Scheib paint job, fading out, but -- hey -- only 77,000 miles on it ) in white for a reasonable price.
Normally I am not a fan of the "Paint it white" crowd. But I may make an exception for all the wood laminate in this space. Would make space loom large and this is NOT real wood for most part. Chalk paint easiest, fastest?
Also think it'd be fun to work with the faux marble techniques -- HT Heirloom discussion -- for cabinets and table. OK to come over the wood trim as well as formica for sleeker look?
I'll strip off the wallpaper to the plywood walls... maybe tin tiles? or...
Since space is so small, I can afford a nice quality wood flooring I bet. Some accent walls like soft mint and neutral gray -- keeping the rose-mauve upholstery for now. Curtains will go. rose mauve mini-blinds in place, under matching valance.

q omg rv makeover

Curtains can go. Refinish Countertops table and divider with Heirloom products? including wood edge trim. Strip wallpaper to plywood walls. "Tin-tile" backsplash? EZ to cut & install?

q omg rv makeover

Nice windows all around. Valance hides rose-mauve min-blinds. Paint cabinets in white? Chalk Paint? New bedspread later.

q omg rv makeover

Strip wallpaper use soft accent paint, like silver-mint, matching curtain... paint trim white too.

q omg rv makeover

q omg rv makeover

Refinish table top in tin tile OR Heirloom faux granite? White banquette.
Of course, curtains can go, mini-blinds will stay.

q omg rv makeover

White paint over all cabinetry... Will this be labor intensive with chalk paint? What am I in for?

q omg rv makeover

Hoping I can get a paint job for a reasonable price. No rust -- whippee!

q omg rv makeover

Happy times ahead.

q omg rv makeover
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 27, 2017
    Looks like a big project but its going to come out so great!!! I def would stick with chalk paint seeing as you have a ton of work ahead of you, keep us posted Adele
  • My parents first travel trailer when we were little kids was a fixer upper they purchased dirt cheap. My dad did all the work with mom as designer. She took the old cushions to a local upholstery shop and had new ones cut to order. Then she went scoured the local "yard goods" (aka Michaels, Joann's or craft shops as known these days), and found a bargain on serviceable fabric and made slipcovers for them and also cute curtains and window treatments. An excellent project if you have the time, tools and resources! And a lot of patience. Keep us posted! And most importantly, have fun!
  • Alma Alma on Feb 27, 2017
    love everything! But would have to rethink the pressed tin as a table top...never know when you might need (want) another smooth surface for work. Have fun RVing....Maybe see you on the road......
  • Shoshana Shoshana on Feb 28, 2017
    I love the ambition! I like the idea of a new backsplash. And things are going to look great with the chalk paint. It's going to be a big project and I can't wait for you to keep us updated on your progress!!
  • Mary Mary on Mar 13, 2017
    having been road tripping for since 1992, I highly recommend, instead of some type of wood floor, give vinyl flooring some serious thought. It comes in wood like strips or a whole piece. I have had carpet and wood and at times there is so much dirt and wet shoes brought in it is crazy. There is no where to sit and remove coats and shoes in bad weather so it all comes in. Vinyl wipes up doesn't warp and stays great looking longer. The biggest pro is it is not as heavy, so saves on gas. Don't store things in the oven. This could be dangerous as it could cut a propane line, so just don't. I also recommend velcroing the curtains on. A strip of velcro on the wall glued or screwed on and the other side on the curtains. This makes for a tight fit and easy washing. The velcro can be attached at the bottom also for a tight fit if you want more privacy and keeping the light out at night if travel north in the summer. You will love it no matter what the RV looks like. Be safe
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    • Adele DuranGO Adele DuranGO on Mar 16, 2017
      Thank you. I followed your advice & found that the Luxury Vinyl (?!) Planks fooled this country girl. The high-end brands are even embossed in the knot holes to simulate wood perfectly registered to color. Since I only need 24 sf, (just barely, knock on wood, no mistakes) I can afford the best! Thanks for the tips!
  • Adele DuranGO Adele DuranGO on Mar 16, 2017
    Rethinking the white. Hubby wants us to maintain country feel. And once I started into the stripping & disassembly -- I can see the advantages, especially since I'm going to need to do most of this myself... I'll go with what I know about 50 shades of gray.
    #1 If I go to solid color, I need to tape, strip & prep. If I use a wash effect I can blend over what is there -- it's more about brushwork finesse. Half of the camper is that fake-wood laminate... I'll tone & neutralize with gray washes. Much simpler & I've got tons of experience:
    #2 I can use a light pearl gray paint on the wallpapered walls. I've stripped most of the wallpaper off, until veneer started ripping up with it. This stuff is like contact paper with an adhesive that is stronger than the wood beneath it. Bob Villa says you can paint over the remaining wallpaper IF you clean well & use a oil-based primer. I'll let it dry & cure for days, since I've been warned that latex is ok over oil-based primer, but our temperatures range from freezing to balmy. Sticky nightmare if I rush the job.
    #3 E-Bay LEATHER SCORE!!! I wasn't planning on replacing the banquette. But I scored soft gray leather that was used on private aircraft for $100. I'll start by replacing the carpet running up the walls with leather over foam, stapled in place. I have No expertise with sewing -- so I'll need to find an upholsterer seamstress for the cushions that require sewing.
    Wow! This has changed the tone to country -- with elegance!
    #4 In keeping -- and by recommendation of fellow hometalker -- I'm going with Luxury Vinyl wood planks -- see in comments.
    Gotta run & get back to the camper. THANKS! Adele -- Mar 16

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Mar 16, 2017
    I've had textured floors in the past...never again! Too hard to clean...I'd say no to embossing.
  • Adele DuranGO Adele DuranGO on Mar 31, 2017
    Check this out! I've done a lot, reconsidered everything... Did lovely stone finishes on the walls and counters. Did a gray wash over most of the cabinets with a seal coat over. Worked on mechanical issues. Started laying "luxury vinyl floors" -- that part's EZ, the trimming is the hard part with all the niches.
    But here's an aspect no one was expecting that I wanted to try out. And it turned out pretty cool:

  • Adele DuranGO Adele DuranGO on Apr 19, 2017
    TA DA!!!! Here's where we stand -- almost done. Whippee! Thanks for your feedback along the way.
  • Debbie Vazquez Debbie Vazquez on Sep 16, 2019

    Glad you mentioned white paint it's not my favorite either

    Seen alot of before and after pictures of rv renovations

    All are white walls therefore I haven't done any painting iň ours because of that

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    • Debbie Vazquez Debbie Vazquez on Sep 16, 2019

      Yes great idea texture

      paint πŸ†

      I even dyed the beige carpet in ours to a chocolate brown.why on earth did the have beige to begin with ?

      After all who wants to be a slave to this rv and stress over a spill if it should happen 🀯

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