Who Do You Turn to for Help With Something You're Working On?

When I have a DIY question, I have 2 main sources of help.:
  1. This helpful, insightful community!!! You always help me out and give me such great direction, thanks!!!
  2. A coworker of mine who, over the course of her career, has done a little bit of this and a little bit of that so she has a ton of helpful facts and tidbits stored up and ready to share. I can always count on her when I have a question or if I'm confused about what steps to take for a project.

Who do you turn to? Who can you count on in a pinch??

  6 answers
  • Yellow Barn Interiors Yellow Barn Interiors on Feb 28, 2017
    I Google everything! Otherwise before Google came along, life's experiences!

  • 861650 861650 on Feb 28, 2017
    Like Yellow Barn Interiors, I Google everything and/or go to Youtube for video tutorials on just about anything.

  • William William on Feb 28, 2017
    I also Google now a days! Magazines and TV programs were my go to. Most of the magazines I used to subscribe to are online now. Still rely on certain TV programs. This Old House, Ask This Old House, Ron Hazleton's Housecalls, Woodsmith Shop are my favorites. Others aren't worth my time. To many repeats and stuff I question or wouldn't do.

  • Now I Google everything. And I mean everything . . . Since I discovered Hometalk, I will check here first. Back in the day I went to the library and found books to check out and read. When I was young and my parents were alive, I would ask them.

  • Mir Graham Mir Graham on May 31, 2017
    I know it sounds crazy since everyone googles everything nowadays, but I am a huge fan of looking up what I want to purchase and reading the directions. Then I YouTube the process and watch someone else show the ups and downs of a project. It helps me see more of a hands-on approach.

  • Karen Karen on Jun 08, 2017
    my sister