How To Get Rid of Mold & Mildew In a Shower

Do you have mold in your shower? You've scrubbed that gross black stuff but it just WON'T go away? I can relate, so I'm sharing my DIY fix for mold and mildew in a shower!

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how to get rid of mold mildew in a shower, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, how to
My most recent flip is my grandparents' midcentury ranch. The adorable vintage bathroom was in need in a big overhaul and restoration...including in the shower! The shower was being invaded by gross mold!
how to get rid of mold mildew in a shower, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, how to
By doing a deeeeeep clean [I share my favorite mildew cleaner on my blog!] with bleach and mildew remover, I was able to make a dent in the gross black. But, that was only the beginning. By using a glass scraper, I removed years of gross soap scum, brittle caulking, and debris.
how to get rid of mold mildew in a shower, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, how to
And by years of soap scum, I mean decades of soap scum. The glass scraper is a great tool to remove grime from tile!
how to get rid of mold mildew in a shower, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, how to
After I scraped the grime, removed all the caulking and cleaned, it was time to get started making the shower shine again! Using shower and tub caulk, I was able to add shiny white "trim" to the tub...and even the tiles!
how to get rid of mold mildew in a shower, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, how to
The final product, after a couple nights of cleaning, is a shower with NO BLACK MOLD! Yay!

To see all the steps in between and my plans for the midcentury bathroom restoration, visit my blog: The Bachelorette Pad Flip!
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  • Dec21410091
    on Mar 20, 2017

    You did not explain how you removed caulk/grout, shined, anything & with what agents? Can you be a lot more specific?

    • Diane Brunmeier
      on Sep 24, 2017

      There is a tool that you can buy to help remove the caulk, I've seen it at Home Depot or Lowes. they also make small power towels that can help. It's a tough job, I've done it, but it's worth it when it's done. Just done use the tub or shower for 12 to 24 hours after you caulk.
  • Karen Sorey
    on Mar 30, 2017

    We bought an older home in Daphne, Alabama, 30 minutes from the white sand beaches of Gulf Shores, AL from Madison, MS and I am constantly battling the icky pink and black mold/mildew, or whatever that nasty slimy stuff is! I've tried everything from a dehumidifier to leaving shower doors open and toilet lids open to keep it from happening..nothing works! I clean, clean clean, clean it every freaking day..and since we have 4.5 bathrooms, that means I stay in the bathroom almost 24/7..and I am NOT trying out to beautify myself, since I can't leave the house because I am cleaning the mold/mildew in the bathrooms constantly..oh! and by the way, did I mention I have OCD on top of that! Help! I've tried everything..if I die from the cleaning fumes, I will at least have really moist skin for a dead please HELP!!!

    • Ahilly
      on Sep 3, 2018

      Use apple cider vinegar and let it sit...the vapors will NOT hurt your lung(s) and will kill the mold spores. Put it into a spray bottle and use after every shower...I use a rubber blade type squeegee to clear the leftover water on the walls and door after each shower before spraying the vinegar. Works for me!

  • Gre17053164
    on Apr 19, 2017

    How do you clean cast iron tubs?

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  • Penni Mcbride
    on Jun 11, 2017

    here is a tip for you after you have put that much time in cleaning your shower, take a little more time and totaly wax the shower or bath, doors included with a glass wax. This will really help you from having to deep clean so often as it creates a wax barrier that will shed of water and soap leaving barely any water spots. Did this years ago with the original "glass wax" but I think Jubile kithen polish will work fine. It also helps seal the grout once it is cleaned. You could also use a car wax
  • Timothy Flippo
    on Dec 4, 2017

    Wd-40 works wonders on soap scum. Spray it, lightly spread it around and wipe off after 30 seconds. The only con is the youll want to open a window and let it air out. Oh and be sure its completely rinsed to you dont accidently i did lol
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