I have a recessed lightbulb that won't unscrew- any ideas?

How do I remove it? Thanks!
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  • William William on Mar 01, 2017
    Make sure the switch is off. A little trick was to get a small suction cup and place it on the bulb. It will give some grip and if the bulb breaks at least it won't be in your hand. I've also noticed that sometimes bulbs become very fragile and break off at the base, mostly I think caused by leaving the light on for extended periods of time. Heat is the enemy. If it does break off inside the socket and use some needle nose pliers to remove the base of the bulb. Just insert the pliers and open them to hold tension inside the base and it should screw out easily.

    Put two pieces of duct tape on the bulb with pieces hanging down on both sides, grabbed the two pieces and pulled in opposite directions counter clockwise. The bulb should turn and come right out.

    When replacing a bulb, put some petroleum jelly on the threads so it won't get stuck next tine.
  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Mar 02, 2017
    Remember to make sure that its completely cooled off- you don't want to burn your fingers!
  • FRED RIGGS FRED RIGGS on Mar 02, 2017
    spray WD40 on the threads first on the bulb only. screw it in until it lites and then maybe 1/8 turn more or stop there. Your choice. I personally would stop; when it lighs.No vasaline at all. WD40 only.
  • FRED RIGGS FRED RIGGS on Mar 02, 2017
    you can take needle nose pliers grasp the base of the bulb where it broke. Bend it in, in a couple of places and it almost drops out. Be sure electric is off.
  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 06, 2017
    if the bulb breaks and there are rough edges of glass, sacrifice a potato- cut in 1/2 , then use potato half on jagged glass, unscrew bulb.
  • Stephanie Stephanie on Mar 06, 2017
    I was going to recommend the potato trick too! It does work.
  • Ljgordon Ljgordon on Mar 06, 2017
    I disagree with the WD-40. It is very good in the beginning but after tine it becomes sticky, then like a glue, sealer. After that, whatever is on it will not move. Use Vaseline, lightly. Also,you can buy electrical lubricant at any auto parts store. Normally used on batteries and wiring to prevent corrosion.