How to Upcycle Old Cloths With Stains That Won't Come Out!

If it has a stain which will not come out I iron a transfer over it. If it has bobbles,I use it as a duster. or a floor cloth
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Mar 02, 2017
    I LOVE that idea!!! And, you get a new outfit, I'm for sure keeping that in mind for my next ( inevitable) spill. Thanks!!!
  • Gloria Gloria on Mar 03, 2017
    You are welcome I also have a small machine called Gem Magic. It comes with different little gems i used it to repair a pair of shoes that lost it flower on the front. I now have sparkle flowers . I wish you happy transfer sticking LOL
  • Barbara Weber Barbara Weber on Mar 11, 2017
    when I worked I had the prettiest hand painted blouses of anyone there. I'm "Booby" and always managed a spot that wouldn't come out so I would trace an embroidery pattern on the blouse and hand paint it. Worked like a charm.

  • Vlhuff Vlhuff on Mar 12, 2017
    If not repairable or usable at all, cut into strips and crochet or weave into a "rag rug." I've also used the scraps (old socks as well) to stuff dog beds.
  • Sometimes I re-use stained items for interior linings for tote bags or pillows. Even used some strips of old clothes as trim for other pieces. Make dog/cat toys out of some too.