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$3 Planter Refresh

Don't toss out those old planters because they're looking worn and tired! Use this quick fix to bring some color and life back to your porch or patio.

Find a worn out planter (in my case, the planter was plastic). Wash/wipe the outside to be sure no dirt or debris is clinging to the pot. Place cardboard or newspaper down wherever you’re planning to paint to protect your driveway, yard, etc.

Grab a can or Valspar spray paint for outdoor plastic. It comes in a variety of colors, but I chose glossy black for a classic look. Follow the Valspar instructions for shaking up the paint to get it ready. Then begin spraying your pot in even movements. Be sure not to get too close with the can, or this will cause streaks of paint to run down the side of your planter. 

Evenly coat the outside, top rim, and inside rim of your pot. While the main portion of the planter’s interior may not be seen, the inner rim at the top may. Once all surfaces are evenly covered, let dry overnight. If you painted on top of newspaper, move your planter off of the paper while it’s still wet, otherwise the newspaper may stick to the planter as it dries.

Once your first coat has dried, you can reapply, but I found that one coat did such a great job, I didn’t need a second! And since I only needed one coat, one can ($6) could be used for two large planters. Win!

Fill your planter to your heart's content with seasonal flowers, shrubs, and plants. This will add a beautiful pop of color and style to your front porch or patio area. (If you don't have any pots that need rehabbing, keep a look out for great shaped pots that neighbors may be throwing out!)

To see more: http://thekitchengarten.com/refresh-a-planter-for-3-dollars/

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