11 Impressive Ways to Update Your Home With Stone

Stone looks expensive and luxurious, but with these ideas you can get that look on a budget.

By Hometalk Highlights

Revamp an accent wall in your living room

This blank TV wall was super boring, until the homeowner installed airstone to dress it up.

Update your dull and dingy fireplace

This was so easy to do and it completely changed the look of the entire living room.

Incorporate it into your backsplash

Using airstone, this backsplash was a cinch to make and the impact is so amazing.

Use it in your entryway

Behind a console table, this practically welcomes guests into your home for you.

Update a standard brick fireplace

This brick fireplace wasn’t doing anything for the room, but this airstone makeover totally improved it.

Turn your bathtub into a spa pool

With this stone tub, you’ll feel more inclined to light some candles and soak in your new tub.

Decorate a cute birdhouse with them

Even if you can’t add stones to your home, you can add it to your backyard.

Create a pretty landscape edging

Add a little rustic edge to your garden landscaping with this stone edging.

Dress up your cabinet countertop

This pebble countertop is just so cool! And it’s a really cool upgrade.

Turn your fireplace into a modern center

With the built-in-shelves on the sides and the light sanded stone, this living room became the focal point on the main floor.

Replace your knobs with pretty pebbles

It’s a small, yet impactful way to add some stone decor to your home.