I have a plumbing problem, can you help?

Our kitchen faucet's water flow goes from strong to a trickle after a few seconds of use. We have replaced the PUR filter, the faucet and the water filter on our tank less water heater and are still experiencing the same problem. None of our other faucets are having the problem. Nor is it affecting the dishwasher. The hose sprayer and the PUR filter work at a full stream when used. Any and all answers would be appreciated. bbrizen717@yahoo.com
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  • William William on Mar 07, 2017
    Both hot and cold?! If the PUR filter is connected to the spout, remove it and see if that solves the problem. Check the aerator on the faucet to make sure its clean. Something is creating a negative suction pressure and preventing the water to flow to the faucet. Check that all water lines are free, clear, and not kinked. Did you replace the hose sprayer when you replaced the faucet? Turn off the water supply to the dishwaser and see if that solves the problem. The solenoid valve may not be closing fully and there may be some seepage.
  • Shoshana Shoshana on Mar 08, 2017
    Try checking the aerator. It's possibly in need of a good cleaning from mineral build up. Clean it or swap it with a replacement.
    Good luck!
    • Barb Barb on Mar 08, 2017
      New faucet with new aerator and spray hose were replaced when problem started. Thanks for your help.
  • Laura Laura on Mar 08, 2017
    Do you have a well? If so you might have crack in either the saddle or bladder
  • Barb Barb on Mar 10, 2017
    Thanks to William, Shoshana and Laura with answers to my kitchen faucet plumbing problem. Suggested solutions were for the aereator. Since we had replaced our faucet and PUR filter, we assumed that the aereator would have been covered. But we didn't think to check the aereator in the PUR filter. That was the problem and now it is solved. Thanks again
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