Turn Old Rain Boots Into a Planter!

Hannah and I were browsing through the Goodwill the other day and came across some rain boots. We saw them and we both knew right away that these specific ones could make for something awesome for spring (given the print). We thought why not make them into a planter? So...we did! It was SO easy.

We found these rain boots at Goodwill for about $12!

We found styrofoam cones at Michael's for $2.99! This is what we used to steady the fake flowers that we put in the boots. We decided fake flowers are easier and will obviously stay pretty for longer!

Fake floral was on sale for 50%! We went with pink Tulips :)

Start out by cutting the cone in half, so that it isn't sticking out of the boots!

Stick the flowers in the larger end of the cone!

Put the flowers in the boot!

Push the styrofoam down so you can't see it and there you have it! A perfect Spring planter!

Suggested materials:

  • Rain Boots  (Goodwill)
  • Fake Flowers  (Michael's)
  • Styrofoam  (Michael's)

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4 questions
  • Car19743334
    on Mar 12, 2017

    Maybe put a little bit of green moss around the top?

    • Elaine
      on Mar 12, 2017

      You could, Carol, but whenever I use the moss, the birds steal it for their nests. :) If the tulip stems are gently bent over here and there to look not so stiff and appear more natural, the inside of the boot won't be so apparent. I always "mess up" faux flowers - opening some blossoms, leaving others closed, bending stems in different directions, etc. It's amazing what those little steps can do to faux flowers!

    • 9530106
      on Mar 12, 2017

      Right on, Elaine. I was a floral designer at one time. You can do a lot to help the inexpensive silks look a little more "realistic"!

    • Tami Stone
      on Mar 12, 2017

      Very cute idea. It'd probably look really cute outside my front door. Just have to put some little holes in the bottom in case rain blows sideways & into the boots. Thanks. I think I'll give this a whirl.

  • Jay
    on Mar 14, 2017

    Do you think they could be used to actually hold rocks, dirt & maybe Paperwhites or some other type of live growing flowers? I love the look! Thank you

    • Mary Tobey
      on Mar 15, 2017

      As long as you poke some drainage holes in the bottom of boot or shoe it will work fine. I planted hens & chicks in my Dad's old work boots, worked great

    • Jay
      on Mar 15, 2017

      @ Mary Tobey I thank you so very, very much for mentioning you used your Dad's work boots !!! My Dad passed almost 20 yrs ago & I still have some of his things. He grew up on a Farm, but I never got to see it. He had huge Gardens at our Family home & could grow practically anything! Your idea means so much to me I just can't explain it in words. I can't wait to use whatever shoes or boots of his I have to do this! I'm crying happy, happy tears! Big Hugs to you!

    • Cheryl Comer
      on Apr 9, 2017

      Memories are precious, no matter how we preserve them. I'm happy for you, Jay!
    • Jay
      on Apr 10, 2017

       Thank you Kindly!
    • Margherita McCallum
      on Jun 18, 2019

      Yes, i have six small children's rain boots that i attached to my fence in a row and i filled them with gardening soil, poked 2 holes at bottom and planted different colours of trailing lobelia. Easy peezy.

    • Jay
      on Jun 18, 2019

      Thank you so much!

  • Kathy Neal Kuhar
    on Mar 18, 2017

    Nice. I have to pass this information along to my fellow crafters. You can get the styrofoam cones at Dollar Tree for $1. They are perfectly shaped, no different than what you get at craft stores.

  • Debbie
    on Apr 7, 2017

    I have my granddaughters boots similar to these. What can I put on the outside of the rubber boots to keep them from deteriorating & to brighten up the color?

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  • Jessica Cossin
    on Apr 10, 2017

    I had these same boots! My kids used to call them my "fruit boots"! How creative! Love seeing stuff I had at one time being repurposed! 😁
  • Sheri Howell Housman
    on May 5, 2017

    I found some child's rain boots at a thrift store and knew what I wanted them for. I filled with potting soil then used spanish moss.
    , I found these at a thrift store and knew what I wanted them for I filled them with potting soil and used a moss plant I think they are raither cute
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