Never Buy a Cleaning Product Again With These 13 Homemade Eco Cleaners

Say goodbye to spending a fortune on all those expensive cleaning products, this is all you'll need.

By Hometalk Highlights

Get rid of burnt goop with orange cleaner

Save those orange peels to make this super eco-oven cleaner.

Mix alcohol and vinegar to clear your mirror

This magic mix is the key to a streak free mirror.

Or spray water and wipe it with newspaper

Don’t use paper towels, newspaper is the key to getting a clean and streak-free mirror without any chemicals.

Use castile soap as a degreaser

Combine it with orange essential oil and distilled water for a solution to your greasy oven and countertop.

Clean your grout with baking soda and vinegar

Sprinkle baking soda on the grout, spray some vinegar, watch it foam and fizz, then scrub scrub scrub!

Combine borax and water for your bathroom

This all-purpose bathroom cleaner can be used on any surface, and all you need is some borax, dish soap, and water.

Freshen up your carpet with baking soda

Add bay leaves, cloves, cornstarch, and cornmeal, then blend and sprinkle on your carpet.

Deodorize linen with this homemade spray

Add some essential oils to a bottle of vinegar, mix it up and spray around.

Use vinegar as a non-toxic toy cleaner

Afraid your kids will put those toys in their mouth? This easy-to-make toy cleaner is the solution to your problems.

Use toilet bombs & get away without scrubbing

These DIY toilet bombs will do these cleaning for you, and it’s quite easy to make.

Make your own dishwasher tabs

Say goodbye to spending tons of money on that dishwasher stuff, this is much cheaper and works just as well.

Or make your own chemical-free dish soap

This soap is sure to get your dishes clean.

Dip your silver into a boiling pot of water

Add a ball of aluminum foil and this hack will shine your silver and rid it of tarnish in half the time.