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DIY Modern Plant Stands

2 Materials
30 Minutes

Here is a quickie little project that will give your patio or interiors a splash of modern cool. I love that this is repurposing something that tends to be in abundance by the end of summer: tomato cages. Whether you have old rusty cages, or brightly colored powder coated ones like these, the result is a collection of stands that gives you versatility of height and some sick lines!
Photo Cred: Anya McInroy
diy modern plant stands, gardening
-tomato cages
-metal shears
At first, it may seem more than a little daunting to cut through the metal of these cages.  It actually is pretty darn thick.  However, if you give it a bit of a push and pull while you are cutting, the metal will snap off quicker than you would think (thank goodness…phew).
diy modern plant stands, gardening
To create varied heights, simply remove the vertical wires up to the bottom circle for a tall one, and up to the middle circle for a shorter stand. If you find yourself wanting a variety of color, feel free to spray paint these bad boys using Rustoleum spray paint! Rustoleum spray paint can withstand any outdoor condition and comes in a variety of colors!
diy modern plant stands, gardening
Not rocket science, I know…but I love the playfulness of them.  I think I will be experimenting with this one even more.  They feel so clean and unobtrusive.
Ahhh, how lovely is the silence of growing things…

Suggested materials:

  • Tomato cages
  • Metal shears

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13 questions
  • Diane M. Barham
    on Mar 21, 2017

    Wouldn't they blow over easily as so top heavy?

  • Charlene Bormann Givens
    on Mar 24, 2017

    What about drips from pot?

    • Zest it Up
      on Mar 24, 2017

      Great question! We haven't had an issue with any drips from our pots but you could always put a saucer underneath them if you are worried about this!

  • Shojdik
    on Mar 31, 2017

    Cool. Wouldn't a bolt cutter slice thru that thick wire like butter?
  • Dawn Mahoney Crandall
    on Apr 18, 2017

    did you put caps on the bottom legs So as not to scratch the wooden deck.
    • Zest it Up
      on Apr 21, 2017

      Hi Dawn,
      No, I wasn't too worried about that as I was placing mine on concrete. I feel like the nubs that were left were too tiny for traditional caps. You could use a bit of silicon sealant on the nubs, perhaps. You know, the kind you use for a shower or tub. It should stick well to the metal and it would cushion against scratching, for sure.
      Hope that helps!
    • Jax
      on Jun 5, 2017

      Put wa ater bottle cap under each leg
    • Neverdone2
      on Jun 16, 2017

      Actually the ring is on the cement and could easily rust during the season. I found buying plastic clear tubing, slitting it and slipping it over the bottom ring at several points makes artificial plastic feet.
  • Mary Britten Briggs Lukes
    on Apr 27, 2017

    Anyone have a problem with them tipping over? Otherwise I love the idea.

    • Nancy
      on Apr 29, 2017

      I made one, and it hasn't tipped over yet. I love the idea of using 🍅 cages!
    • Jodie
      on Apr 29, 2017

      I bent the cut off pieces into a U shape and staked the large round into the ground. Windy yesterday and it didn't tip over.
    • Barb Gleason
      on Jun 1, 2017

      awesome idea❣️
  • Carolyn Ryan
    on May 19, 2017

    not a question But Walmart has the tomato cages in a variety of colors so you wont have to spray paint them!
  • Monica Camilli
    on Jul 1, 2017

    Great idea! Love the look of your trio.
    Q is the steal wire is too heavy to bend and manipulate at all or need help & tools? If so, I have an embellishment to try? But I have a bad wrist. Love your pics.

    • Zest it Up
      on Jul 2, 2017

      Hi Monica!
      The wire is pretty sturdy, so it might give your wrist a run for it's money. Next time you are in the plant nursery, test out the tomato cages and their wire strength. I was so focused on cutting them that I wasn't tuned into how hard it would be to manipulate them.
      Good luck! We would love to see pictures if you are able to pull off your embellishments!
    • Linda Sikut
      on Jul 8, 2017

      If you get cheap ones at a place like Walmart, they might be thinner. I think they should still be able to take a reasonable weight, but it might be wise to use plastic pots. You can rag or sponge paint the pots in any color you like. This is for terracotta pots, but I've done it on plastic pots: http://www.hometalk.com/29070173/rag-painted-terra-cotta-planters

      I also use Styrofoam topped with a coffee filter to lighten a large pot and keep the dirt in.
  • Rai4711580
    on Jul 12, 2017

    Where do you find tomatoe cages
    • Zest it Up
      on Jul 12, 2017

      We snagged our tomato cages from Ace Hardware! But you can always buy tomato cages from Home Depot and spray paint them different colors using Rustoleum Spray Paint! We also heard that WalMart has tomato cages in a variety of colors.
    • Sandy
      on Jul 21, 2017

      any place that has gardening stuff has tomato cages. some already in color.
    • Ivan-sheila Blume
      on Feb 6, 2018

      I sent this yesterday and all ready did mine love them
  • Cristina Andrade
    on Aug 31, 2017

    How should I choose the size of the planter after removing the vertical wires? Any tips?
    • Zest it Up
      on Aug 31, 2017

      Great question! Once we found varying heights that we liked, we decided to test out different vases to see which ones fit. You can definitely measure the circumference of the tomato cage opening to see which size planter/vase you need. Hope this helps!! :)
  • Jld31248129
    on Jan 28, 2018

    Do you have trouble with these falling over in the wind?
    • Zest it Up
      on Jan 30, 2018

      We haven't had any issues with them falling over because of the heavy pots and plants we put in the top! Great questions tho!
    • Magada
      on May 15, 2018

      I have, I live in Michigan. I had them in my Perinnial Garden and some storms they fell.

    • Marlyn Stender Foell
      on Oct 12, 2018

      If sitting on the ground, bend over the leftover pcs of metal into "U's" and push over the bottom ring to hold into the dirt.

  • Cindi Smith
    on May 10, 2018

    Have any ideas on bird houses and bird baths?

    • Mary Noll
      on Jun 2, 2018

      Hi Cindi:

      You can use the same idea of cutting tomato cages (or just leave them the original height) to create a happy bird bath. I use a shallow terra cotta dish (such as you would use under a pot) and set it into the top of the tomato cage. I like to seal the dish with a water-proof sealant. My favorite is one I made with a blue tomato cage and a dish I painted blue on the interior then sealed with a clear spray sealant. Hope you like this idea. My little feathered friends have really enjoyed mine.

    • Zest it Up
      on Oct 19, 2018

      Love that idea!! I think Mary has the right idea on how to make this project into a bird bath!

  • Patt
    on Aug 21, 2018

    Where can I purchase the colored wire tomato cages?

  • Terri G
    on Apr 23, 2019

    What kind of pots did you use for these? What size? I would think the plant would be too heavy for the tomato cages.

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  • Pauline St-Amand
    on Jan 4, 2019

    Yes, i will, i think it's a great idea! i would place another smaller one at the bottom on the floor.

  • Robin C. Sanders
    on Apr 26, 2019

    Yes!! Just laid a new patio and already have the cages and spray paint!

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