DIY Striped Monogram Coasters

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These DIY monogram coasters with stripes are so fun and easy to make. Personalize them with your favorite colors or give them as a gift!
diy striped monogram coasters
These colorful coasters take minutes to make, and with their bright colors, they're perfect spring and summer home accessory!

Start by choosing the colors you'd like to use. You'll need at least three: two for the stripes and one for the monogram.
diy striped monogram coasters
Using the foam brush, paint the coasters with the lighter of the stripe colors first ... I used white.
diy striped monogram coasters
Let the paint dry, then mark off the stripes with painter's tape. Then, add the second paint color in between the tape.
diy striped monogram coasters
Remove the painter's tape, then let the coasters dry before proceeding.

Use a word processing or design program to create the monogram you'd like to use ... simpler is better. (Visit my blog for extra tips.) Print and cut out the letter, then place it on the coaster and lightly trace around the letter with a pencil.

You could also draw the monograms on freehand.
diy striped monogram coasters
Use an angled paint brush to fill in the monogram with the last paint color. I used my favorite gold paint. Use multiple coats, if necessary.
diy striped monogram coasters
Once everything is dry, your coasters are ready to use. I was surprised how well the paint holds up well to condensation.
diy striped monogram coasters
Please visit my original blog post (link below) for additional details and to find out the exact paint colors and other products I used.

Suggested materials:

  • Cork coasters
  • Painter's tape
  • Foam brush
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