12 Stunning Ways to Get That Exposed Brick Look in Your Home

Brick it up!

By Hometalk Highlights

Use a paint mixture to create a brick effect

Tape your brick pattern, plaster on stucco, sponge and grab your colors to mix and paint.

Create a faux brick floral centerpiece

Infuse fake brick in your decor by overlaying a plain glass vase with pain strip and white spray paint. So pretty!

Paint them onto an accent wall

Also use painter’s tape to block off the brick pattern on your wall. Use a spray paint gun with browns and reds to paint them on.

Embellish wood to fake a brick fireplace

Get that cozy feel in your home with faux brick panels from Lowe’s, some plaster, and a wood frame. Gorgeous!

Build an exposed brick veneer accent wall

Ok, so instead of fake bricks, use an accent wall with real bricks and use adhesive, concrete and a lot prep.

Whitewash faux brick panels from Lowe’s

Fake brick panels from Lowe’s cut and glued onto an accent wall look even more stunning with whitewash.

Or do the same with a velvet finish

With those nifty boards from Lowe’s you can totally reinvent your walls, by cutting, rewiring and using a velvet paint finish.

Redo your kitchen island in faux panels

Grab those same Lowe’s fake brick panels and surround your island in them with adhesive. Paint over it with a VAX applicator sponge.

Grab a piece of lumber for a faux brick arch

Cut wood over your archway, measure out your bricks with masking tape, then spread a joint compound over it. Paint & voila.

Cover one wall with brick wallpaper

Get that exposed brick look with faux brick vinyl paper. All you need to do is measure it out and apply it. So easy!

Fake a brick chimney with panels

Measure out your brick panels from Lowe’s to get that built in chimney look. Create grout lines with whitewash.

Use a stencil to get the faux brick right

The simplest way to get a faux brick wall is using a stencil! Paint a base then align & realign the stencil. Renter Perfect.