Easy DIY Solar Pool Heater

1 Hour

How to make this easy DIY solar Pool Heater
This short How-to video details how easy it is to make Solar pool heaters that will warm almost any swimming pool.
We started with some PVC pipe, 90 degree female to female PVC angles, wire ties, 6 mill black plastic and foam pipe insulation.
Simply glue four lengths of pvc pipe together with a 90 degree angle at each corner
Then wrap the black plastic around the PVC square
We used some duct tape to hold the plastic in place. The wrapped foam pipe insulation around each section of PVC. This insulation adds additional flotation and helps secure the plastic in place.
We used a soldering iron to burn a few holes through the plastic and then wrapped wire ties around the foam to secure everything in place.
For small pools four or five floating solar panels work great. For larger pools you will need additional units. I just leave them in the pool when the pool is not in use and then pull the lightweight floating solar panels out the stack them when we go for a swim. The kids really appreciate the extra warmth especially early and late in the season.

If you want to build your own I would recommend watching the short how-to video posted above. It details every step of the process

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To see more: http://www.diyeasycrafts.com/diy-solar-pool-heater.html

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  • Jill Nichols-feehan
    on Jul 16, 2017

    Where did you get the black plastic tarp? Our pool is 20x40. I would like to make longer panels. Is that possible?
    • Leonard Houser II
      on Jun 29, 2020

      You can buy stock plastic sheeting. I think what makes this simple is whith trash bags (get heavy duty), size the frame to slip inside the bag. If pvc is thin walled, may not need foam. And doesnt have to be on top of water, partially submerged woould transfer even more heat.

  • HandyGirl
    on Jun 5, 2019

    What a great idea! Is that just black plastic garbage bags? Not sure where to get black plastic that will hold up? Solar rings are stupid expensive and these look like they would do the trick. We have a solar heated pool but in central Florida that still leaves us in some pretty cool water for 3-4 months. Hoping solar rings would give us another 6 weeks or two months??

    • Danna Engel
      on Sep 24, 2019

      You can buy 10x25 ft rolls of 6 or 8 Gage plastic at Lowe's or home Depot.

  • Deborah Hogen
    on Jun 2, 2020

    I am wondering if using more of the black noodles instead of the PVC pipe would work for the frame? I guess then you'd need to figure out how to secure the plastic onto or into the frame. Very unique idea! Thank you!

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  • Nicole Frances
    on May 14, 2018

    Just saw this! Genius. I will be trying this. Thanks!

  • Stacy
    on Sep 16, 2019

    Just get some pool noodles or a Hulu hoop and put them in black trash bags

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