Farmhouse Renovation Gozo

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11 Months

This renovation took me 3 years and am happy with the results. I got rave reviews from friends and family!!! This gozo farmhouse looks like spanking new now. In Gozo, tradesmen do not always keep their deadline which is the reason why this project took so long!

These were the steps taken to complete

1. take out all the rubbish from inside the building
2. sandblast all the stone from inside and outside
3. remove all the old cement from between each building stone
4. replace old trusses
5. plaster all the in between of stone with cement
6. clean old beautiful farmhouse tiles with buffer and vinegar!
7. dig and build the pool
8. Dig and build a water reservoir (its the law!)
9. Custom order all wooden double glazing apertures
10. Put membrane on all the roofs
11. Furnish the Gozo Farmhouse with traditional furniture
12. Vintage appliances
13. Fill the pool with water!
14. Buy vintage decor like vases, curtains etc

farmhouse renovation gozo

The property has 2 swimming pools! This is the first one
farmhouse renovation gozo
This is the back of the farmhouse, with a nice gazibo that can accommodate up to 20 people!
farmhouse renovation gozo
The village of Xaghra in Gozo, where the farm house is located

Suggested materials:

  • Limestone from gozo quarries  (local quarry)
  • Wooden Trusses  (italy)
  • White sand  (local store)
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