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Easter Basket Lawn Decor

Here's an idea for a fun piece of lawn decor for Easter. I put together an oversized Easter Basket for our lawn. It’s filled with all the bright colors of the season. I think it makes for a nice way to say Happy Easter to our neighbors.
My idea for this started when I was sorting through, organizing and getting rid of some items that we’ve had stored away for years. Some items were donated, some were just tossed and others, like this oversized basket, sparked ideas.
Years ago this basket held a huge arrangement of silk flowers. It fit in perfectly with my 1980’s decor! When I no longer had mauve and green as my colors of choice, this basket was stored away. After all these years in storage, it was looking pretty bad. 
I trimmed off any protruding and broken wicker and hosed it down to clean it. It still looked shabby and not in the trendy shabby kind of way.  A can of white spray paint came to its rescue. I used Rustoleum Paint and Primer in One, Gloss White spray paint.
Because of its size, I knew it would make a fun piece of lawn decor for Easter. After the paint dried, I stuffed it with plastic grocery bags. I then cut a piece of cardboard to size and placed that on top of the bags. This way, I wouldn’t have to fill the entire basket with eggs.
Next, I covered the cardboard with purple Easter grass.
I added pretty ruffled ribbon around the handle and a satin ribbon bow to each side.  The ribbon is hot glued in place.
Using more of the satin ribbon, I wrapped a piece around the bottom of the basket, hot gluing it in place and added a bow to the front.
I didn’t want the eggs to tumble out, so as I placed them on top of the grass, I used hot glue to adhere them. I just kept adding eggs of various colors and sizes until it was full.
I bought a Happy Easter unfinished wood piece from Michaels. I painted it using Apple Barrel in Bimini Blue acrylic paint. I wedged it into the basket and used small dabs of hot glue to secure it. 
The last item I added to the basket was this yellow felt chick I found in the Dollar Spot at Target.
I love how it turned out! It’s bright and colorful and gives a fun welcome. I’m especially pleased that I found a new look for that tired, old, outdated basket!
To see more, please visit the link below.

Materials used for this project:

  • Large wicker basket
  • Paint
  • Plastic Easter Eggs

To see more: http://www.acrosstheblvd.com/2016/03/easter-basket-lawn-decor/

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