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What A Difference New Paint Can Make

Well HELLO everyone, I would love to share some pictures of my best friend Michi's house in Bavaria/Germany.
Michi recently gave her foyer, her office and her kitchen a make-over by
simply paining the walls and re-decorating the rooms with different decor.
She totally transformed each room for very little cost. I find it incredible how much difference a paint job can make!!!

Ok, here is the scoop! Off to Bavaria we go..

First Stop: Foyer 
Here is the BEFORE picture

And the AFTER...
Isn't it incredible what a difference some paint 
and some new decor can make?
Check out all the goodies she decorated with. That feather on 
the wall is soooo BOHO gorgeous. She actually send me 
the same one for my Christmas gift. 
And that rice basket with the twinkle lights hanging from 
the armoire is killing me!

I was skeptical at first about painting the walls gray for this 
space because of her colorful Bavarian armoire. I was sure 
she would have to end up painting the piece to make it all flow, 
but the gray paint made it look even better!

Next stop, the office...BEFORE

And the After...

Drooling over here....it looks so fresh and clean

Same furniture, just a different paint color and different decor. 
And notice that chakki table? I LUV IT!!!!! 

3rd Stop: Kitchen 
The BEFORE with green paint 

And the After

Love that red chandelier (she spray-painted it)

And her cat "Lou Lou" helped...lol

Don't you just love her style? Want to see more? Visit my original blog post (link provided at the bottom of this post) and you will have clickable links to see her BOHO bedroom and more.

Don't you just love her style? Want to see more? You can
I shared here on my blog a few month ago. Here is the link:

To see more: http://littlebrags.blogspot.com/2017/03/3-gorgeous-boho-style-room-make-overs.html

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