Air Plant Pineapples!

I can't take credit for these cute little guys as I first saw them in a magazine but I did make a few changes. These are fun to make!
10 little air plant pineapples
Purchased Sculpey clay in white from Walmart for $6.00.
Sculpey oven bake clay
This pkg contained 5 sheets of clay. I cut each in half giving me clay to make 10 pineapples.
I then took a section kneading it for a few minutes until it became pliable.
Oval shape
I formed each section into an oval and into a pineapple shaped base making the bottom flat.
Cut center of pineapple out leaving a shell.
Taking a knife, or with a child they could possible use a plastic knife, I cut out the insides leaving only a shell. This makes the baking faster plus these could be used to hold toothpicks or bobby pins, etc. You can leave them solid but the baking time increases quite a bit. It tells you on the back of the box how long to bake depending on thickness. By cutting out the insides of these I was able to make 2 more pineapples using those remnants.
Hollowed out
This is what it looks like when it's hollowed out
Push the top together to form a little pot. I purchased a set of 10 air plants from Amazon. I sized up my pot opening so the air plants fit just inside. They vary quite a bit in size.
They are called Tillandsia lonantha Guatemala sold by Hinterland Trading for $15.28
Trying to look like a pineapple!
At this point I used a toothpick making x's and dots making it look like pineapple markings. Ready to bake according to pkg directions. These took 20 minutes.
Out of the oven cooling
Once cooled, they're ready to paint.
Martha Stewart gold metallic
Starting with the inside I painted them with gold metallic paint
Martha Stewart Vanilla Bean
Once dry I used a brown satin all over , then quickly removing it. This leaves the detailed markings more visible.
10 air plant pineapples
Place an air plant into each opening. All ready to give to friends and family!
At only a little more than $2.00 each, these make adorable gifts that won't break the bank!

Suggested materials:

  • Sculpey clay-$6.00  (Walmart)
  • 10 airplants- $15.28  (Amazon)

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  • Rap7450709
    on Mar 17, 2017

    This clay releases toxins when baked. Use a dedicated toaster oven or shield under something to not ruin the oven.

    • Dmholt4391
      on Jul 9, 2019

      Good will would be a good place to buy those 'disposable' bake ware items. You could even store them afterward to use other times.

  • Cathy
    on Mar 18, 2017

    Will they survive in Az. Outside???
  • Beth Henthorn
    on Mar 18, 2017

    Did you know that the leafy top of store-bought pineapples can be rooted and grown as an interesting houseplant? Simply choose a fresh pineapple from your local grocery or produce store, cut the top off and sprout your plant. Try picking one having the most attractive foliage, or variegated, for a unique pineapple rooting top that you can enjoy year round. Just Google growing pineapple from a top.

    • Dmholt4391
      on Jul 9, 2019

      to Alaine, there are probably pictures on the google site you choose. Sounds so interesting.

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  • Debra Bergert
    on Mar 19, 2017

    That is a super cool idea. They are very cute.....
  • Rhonda Davis
    on Mar 19, 2017

    Great idea. I've had some Tilandsia plants and this is a creative post to make them pots to live in since they don't require soil. Brava!
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