Turn Anything Into a Chalkboard With These 13 Creative Ideas

Seriously, you can make it out of anything.

By Hometalk Highlights

Turn a board into a weekly menu

Your kids will never question “what’s for dinner?” again. Bonus: you’ll be more prepared at the beginning of each week.

Frame an MDF chalkboard into home decor

Stencil your favorite saying onto it, and hang it where you can display it proudly.

Cut wood into cute chalkboard play pieces

This chalkboard town is absolutely adorable!

Upcycle a coffee table into a menu board

With chalkboard paint, anything is possible.

Paint a piece of your wall

Who needs a board when you have a blank wall you can just paint over into a chalkboard?

Repurpose a headboard into a home center

Add some hooks and maybe a basket or two, and you’ll have a whole new organizing station.

Decorate a cardboard box into a birthday gift

With chalkboard paint, cardboard boxes are now the new wrapping paper.

Make paint sticks into planter markers

These planter labels are adorable and oh-so-easy to make.

Makeover your fridge into a message center

If your boring old fridge isn’t doing anything for you, give it another purpose with chalkboard paint.

Turn a normal tile into a classy cheese board

You’ll want to serve cheese at every party with this cute board.

Makeover a plain table into kid’s crafts

Who cares if they draw on the furniture when they’re drawing on a chalkboard tabletop?

Transform an old window frame

With a magnetic primer and chalkboard paint, this old window turned into a great magnetic chalkboard.