Tip: Do You Know How to Restore Grout and Tile to White?

Baking soda and peroxide paste will restore white grout and tile
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  • William William on Mar 18, 2017
    Yes it will, but you will have to seal the grout once its clean.
  • Patsy Thomas Patsy Thomas on Mar 18, 2017
    Thank you for sharing William. I didn`t seal the grout so I guess I`d better get to it. Have a great day

  • Eleanor Korf Eleanor Korf on Mar 18, 2017
    White grout paint will do a better job a lot easier. I know because I recently used it in several areas of the house I was living in, and the grout was very "nasty" looking. No amount of scrubbing with any product would take the dirty look away.

    You can buy it from bright white to more subtle shades of white. Also buy one or two (depending on size of your project) empty smallish bottles that have a brush I suggest buying several empty bottles depending on the size of your project. The brush wears out, but you can keep using it for quite awhile after the brush is nothing but a stub. Get the grout as clean a you can get it and allow it to dry. Then fill the empty bottle with your grout paint and squeeze and brush on the paint. Practice makes perfect, so it will take a bit to get used to brushing on the grout. Make sure you have paper towels, damp cloth, or toilet paper handy to immediately clean any of the paint you get on the tile itself. It may take two coats to cover dirty grout. Recoat if necessary, then let it dry (according to directions) and then put on a coat of sealer (sealer is necessary to keep it looking good as long as possible, just as you would have to do with new grout).

    I had a low stool and was able to do much of the floor work without having to get on my knees. It took a bit more planning to do it that way, but it was easier than crawling around.

    When I got done my floors and counter-tops looked like they had just been installed.
  • April rowe April rowe on Apr 05, 2017
    I agree with Eleanor. I used this http://www.improvementscatalog.com/grout-aide-markers/312408. I got the big one. It worked really well and no need to seal. I did it 3 years ago and it still looks new

  • DSapone DSapone on May 18, 2017
    We perform tile and grout restoration with quality products from pFOkUS. We will clean the entire surface with Imperia, eliminating all the deep stains or marks. We will color seal your grout using a pigmented titanium sealer with a 5 year labor warranty. For more info, visit : https://goo.gl/ClhMGj .