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K - Cup Easter Baskets

So from the leftover k-cups we had from a previous project, we figured out how to make them work for the upcoming holiday of Easter! We found an awesome way to make cute little easter basket table placements!

Collect used K-cups from your home or office!

Peel off the foil of the k-cup and dump out the coffee ground remains. There will also be a filter part of the cup that you will need to tear out!

Rinse out the cup!

We used yellow paint and also blue paint as you will see below!

Paint the entire cup! Outside and inside!

Using hot glue, put two drops of glue on each side of the inside of the cup for a handle.

Using cardstock paper, glue a thin piece of it to either side of the cup!

Use a permanent marker and write the name on the outside!

Fill the cup with easter grass!

Pour in some Jelly Beans!

There you have it! An adorable little place setting! :) Happy Easter!

Materials used for this project:

  • K cups
  • Paint
  • Cardstock
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