Beating Your Junk Drawer .. in 4 Steps

In every home there is an awkward area that you feel terrified to slip your hand into. Yes I’m talking about the hulk … YOUR JUNK DRAWER !
Junk drawer obviously is the hideout for all the stuff that has no other place to go. Usually it holds untold treasures and stuff you might have been searching for like a week now but you finally surrendered to buying new ones
Step 1: Empty the contents of your junk drawer on the floor and start tossing away everything belongs to the garbage like: old cinema tickets, dead batteries, an expired pack of gum and useless grocery invoices that belong to the last
Step 2: Group the remaining stuff – supposingly they are keepers – and put out all the items that actually belong to other areas like: pain killer tablets to medicine drawer, extra buttons to sewing kit …etc
Step 3: Give your junk some borders. Take the measurements of your drawer (width, length, and height) so you can buy the right container that will fit inside, you can buy inexpensive plastic multi-uses that comes with different sized
Step 4: Keep a regular eye on this locked cage. If you found stuff that you haven't touched it in a month long, throw it way. It'll become a habit.

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Khaled Shaheen

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  • Carole
    on Jan 2, 2014

    Great advice. If you come across any medications - be sure to check the use by dates and dispose of safely (return to your local pharmacy) if they are out of use by date or something that you no longer need to take. For batteries - these should go for recycle and not in your rubbish bin as they will end up in land fill. Same for spent light bulbs, ink cartridges, old mobile phones and so on.

  • Z
    on Jan 2, 2014

    Great tips Khaled. I've never understood how one could just toss stuff into a drawer like the first picture. But then I've always been a bit obsessive about order. This is as messy as my junk drawer gets and believe me this looks messy to me.

    beating your junk drawer in 4 steps, cleaning tips
    • Opk28526222
      on Nov 15, 2017

      The "junk drawer" is a family tradition in my family. Even after we moved to another house, there was soon a designated junk drawer. :)

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